Ekvira Temple Lonavala

Distance to Ekvira Temple is

 8 KM from Lonavala.
5 KM from Central Point Lonavala (Shivnari Bus stop).
49 KM from Pune (Maharastra).
97 KM from Mumbai (Maharashtra).
It’s a temple for the Koli (Fishermen) community and located on Mumbai-Pune highway. It’s also known as Karla caves.
During festivals (Navarathri and Chaitra), Koli people climb the tall mountain which has man made steps, to reach the temple and worship Aai Ekvira.
Koli tribes offer animal sacrifices in the temple to Aai Ekvira. They offer goats and chickens.

During monsoon season, the mountain is covered with greenery with spurts of water fountains. This place is a popular tourist attraction, especially during monsoon season.

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