Bandra Worli Sea Link (2022) Information, timing, Pictures

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Bandra Worli Sea Link Mumbai is officially referred to as the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. It is the first project put in place by the Maharashtra government that starts off the West Island Freeway System. The Bandra Worli Sea Link is an eight-lane cable-stayed bridge located in Mumbai, and it is one of the few bridges in Mumbai that are cable-stayed using pre-stressed concrete-steel ramps purposely to hold the bridge steady. The bridge passes over Mumbai’s coastline arc; the Sea Link is the top civil engineering unique thing reflecting the actual meaning of modern infrastructure in Mumbai. The bridge’s design …

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Mumbai Population

Mumbai Population in Lakh

Mumbai is also known as India’s commercial capital and the most populated city in India. Being a metropolitan city, you will find people from all states, religions, cultures, and beliefs living in harmony. You will find a diverse range of food and festivals celebrated in Mumbai. Mumbai Suburban District of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation is spread over 15 wards. The total population of 9.36 million comprising of 5.03 males and 4.3 females. The below data is extracted from the Census of India report. Year Population in Million Population in Lakh 1901 0.21 2.06 1911 0.26 2.55 1921 0.31 3.07 …

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Pictures of Mumbai


Pictures of Mumbai Tourists train to the Elephanta caves on Elephanta Island. Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri in Mumbai Harbour, 10 kilometers to the east of the city of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Get off at Churchgate railway station and take a cab to Gateway of India; from here, boats will ferry you to the Island.              

Independence Day of India

India Independence

Independence Day, one of the three national holidays (other two are 26th January Republic Day and 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday), marks the freedom of India from the British Empire. It is celebrated nationwide on 15th August annually. Ending the several year’s long rule over India wasn’t easy.  Several patriots sacrificed their lives in search of national freedom.  Several mothers lost their sons in the fight for freedom. Still, their sacrifice was finally blessed on 15th August 1947, when Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, hoisted the Indian flag at Lahori Gate at Red Fort in Delhi. Thus over each …

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10 Best Schools in Mumbai

Schools in Mumbai

Best Schools in Mumbai – Gone are when parents had to choose the nearest possible school for their kids. Nowadays, parents scrutinize schools in every possible way to ensure that their kids get the maximum out of their schools. These days, the deciding factors for schools are the boards (SSC/CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB), curriculum, teaching faculty, fees, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, safety, International exposure, etc. With the revolutionization of education, parents are exposed to a completely different school world, which makes finding the best schools more challenging than ever. Public Schools Vs. Private Schools in India Only the local curriculum, such as SSC, is …

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Local transport in Mumbai

khaali peeli

Local transport in Mumbai – Traveling in Mumbai can be a back-breaking experience. There are various modes of transportation available, although the crowd and traffic jams can easily annoy anyone.  There are 7 modes of travel in Mumbai. Modes of transport in Mumbai are: 1. Auto Rickshaw An Autorickshaw comes in handy when you have to rush somewhere as they are available at every nook and corner. However, they do not operate beyond Bandra in the western suburbs and beyond Sion in the central suburbs. Only 3 passengers are allowed at a time, and traveling is fairly cheap. The minimum …

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Amazing Night life Mumbai

Night life Mumbai

Is there anything that Mumbai doesn’t have to offer? The answer is NO.  Mumbai has been rubbing shoulders with the world’s biggest cities in terms of business, economy, fashion, and not to be left behind is the thriving nightlife of Mumbai and Mumbaikars, of course. From high-profile lounges to budget-friendly clubs, Mumbai has the best to offer.  Mumbaikars have an ocean of options to explore.  Some of the top nightclubs are; Blue Frog Olive Bar & Kitchen Dome Poison Café Mondegar Leopald Café And, of course, the list is endless. It’s not just about the booze and hookah anymore. Partying …

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7 Historical Wonders Mumbai

Kanheri caves Mumbai

Mumbai is the dream home of several ambitious aspirants, boots of vicious minds, and a vivid lifestyle. It is not just about the beaches, pubs, caves, and clubs. This island has a history so interesting that you would never see Mumbai as a crowded city but as a historical marvel. Let’s explore some of the 7 historical wonders of Mumbai. 01 Gateway of India The Gateway of India is located at Apollo Bunder in South Mumbai, on the shore of the Arabian Sea. This architectural marvel scores over any other monument in Mumbai. The foundation stone of the structure was …

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History of Mumbai


The Beginning Till the 17th century, Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) was a combination of seven small islands in the Arabian Sea. Koli fishermen were the first inhabitants who developed their villages and settlements along with the cost of Mumbai. Their goddess was Mumbadevi, on whom the city received its name Mumbai. Portuguese Rule Hindus, Buddhist, and Muslim rulers ruled the greater Bombay region. However, after Vasco da Gama of Portugal landed at Calicut in 1498, Bombay witnessed the dawn of development. In exchange for military support, the Portuguese acquired the 7 islands from the Sultan of Gujarat in 1534. …

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