You can track Find Lost Stolen phone

Today each and every one of us has a mobile phone. We carry it along with us to school, colleges, offices, market and every where we go. There is a big possibility that we may misplace or lose the mobile phone. Its also possible that your phone may get stolen. How do we find our phone. Now its easy to locate your phone, provided it is a smart phone. You just need to logon to and type ‘find my phone’ Google will do the work for you and find your phone. Watch the video to see step my step instructions.

Data stored on the phone like pictures, phone contacts, files are very critical. Sometimes we even store credit card information and passwords on our phone. This can cause great financial loss if this information falls in wrong hands. The above video will tell you how to remotely delete all the data from your phone. Watch this video even if you have not lost your phone. Share this video, so that people are aware.

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