Ganpati Bappa

Last Day of Ganesh visarjan. Idols going for visarjan on Marve Road, Malad West, Mumbai. The idols are being taken to Marve beach and Juhu beach for immersion. Crowds of people accompanied Bappa on his final journey only to return next year again to bring joy and prosperity to his devotees.
Beautiful Mukut (Crown) of Ganpati Bappa
Devotees of Ganpati Bappa singing bhajan on the Road at the junction between Marve road and Link road
Ganpati Bappa giving blessing to all his devotees
25 feet tall idol of Ganpati
Gold colored Ganpati 15 feet tall
10 feet tall Ganpati studded with 250000 quantity artificial diamond
Ganpati along with his favorite savari
Trucks of people accompany their favorite God to Marve beach for immersion
Banjo party.  Moving trolley ahead of the truck.
Ganpati going only to return next year

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