Holi festival of colors

In India Holi is celebrated to mark the end of Winter and beginning of Summer. Dried logs from trees and fresh branches of Mango tree are burnt. This festival is also celebrated by throwing color on friends and family. The festival of Holi is celebrated by Hindus.
Ensure that you play safe and only use natural colors.

This year Mumbai police would be taking action against those who throw water balloons or color on women, this will be treated as a crime and an FIR will be registered immediately.

The complainant will just need to take a picture of the culprits and post the same on Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle (@MumbaiPolice) and give details of the incidents. She will need to provide basic information like her name and the location of the crime. Mumbai police van will be deployed immediately on receipt of the complaint and culprit will be taken into custody and charged with sections related to crime against women.

Women are advised not to get into any kind of argument or fight with the miscreant, just report the same to Police and they will take care of the rest.  In case the culprits have fled, picture of the location is to be taken and posted on twitter handle.

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