Madh Island Mumbai (2024) Information, Bungalows

The Arabian Sea bounds Madh Island to the west and the Malad creek towards the east. There are many beaches like Erangel Beach, Dana Pani Beach, Marve Beach, and Aksa Beach, which are very close to Madh Island. A popular weekend destination, far away from the busy city life, Madh Island is all about sunshine, breeze, and fantastic seafood. It still may be a haven for those trying to find some unique experiences. The Island is mainly a village comprising Kolis, Marathi, East Indians, Roman Catholics, and people from other communities. You will find Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Shacks, Bungalows, and even Villas on Madh Island. However, … Continue reading Madh Island Mumbai (2024) Information, Bungalows