Mount Mary Bandra Fair

Today we visited the Mount Mary feast in the morning at 10am. At first the crowd seamed to be less, but later the crowd picked up. There was heavy crowds at the shrine and people had to stand in huge queue to be able to visit the Church of Mount Mary. People were managed well by the volunteers and police.

Statue of Mother Mary opposite the Church, facing the Arabian Sea

Devotees from Mumbai and around Mumbai travel for hours together, just to stand in front of Mother Mary and ask her to grant their wishes. This faith continues to bring crowd of people each year for this feast. The feast of Mount Mary is celebrate for 7 days. People of all faith and religion visit this shrine.

Crowd of people standing for your their turn to enter the Church

There were many stall of hawkers selling channa’s, rosaries, halvas, children toys etc. It was a sunny day, in spite of the sweat, people were enjoying the occasion. After visiting the church devotees entered the fair which is a stretch of around 1 KM.
BEST had special buses taking people from Bandra west station to Mount Mary church and back.

Devotees offer Wax candes

Pilgrim offer wax articles to denote their wishes. Example, you would offer wax heart, if you have heart problem — dolly, if you wish to have a baby — house, if you wish to buy a house etc.

Stalls selling rosaries and other holy items
Wax candles, flowers, wax statues etc.
Main Church of Mount Mary
Hawkers selling sweets

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