Review Ola Micro Cab

Have you seen the advertisement of Ola promoting use of Ola Micro Cab at Rs. 6 per Km? Its supposed to be cheaper than Auto Rickshaw. Well, I decided to check it out.

The first day, I took an auto rickshaw from Malad to Andheri East at morning 7.30 am when there is less traffic. We covered a distance of around 13 Km. The meter reading showed Rs.160. So effectively, I paid around Rs.12 per km.

The next day, I called for an Ola Micro cab using the mobile app on my phone. The cab came on time. I started at around 7.30 am and on the same route i.e Malad to Andheri East. By the end, I had to pay Rs.200. So effectively, I paid Rs. 15 per Km. Of course the ride was much more comfortable than an Auto Rickshaw and I enjoyed the benefit of AC, but still it did not match the Rs.6 per KM which OLA claims on their Advertisement.

So why did the cost inflate in an Ola Micro cab? here is the breakup of the charges.

Base Fare ₹45 + Distance Fare for 12.82 km ₹76.92 + Ride Time Fare for 35.43 min ₹35.43 + Peak Pricing 1.2x ₹31.47

Total Fare ₹188.82

Service Tax (5.6%) ₹10.57

Swachh Bharat Tax (0.2%) ₹0.38

Total ₹199.77

So OLA Micro cab does not only charge for distance. They also charge for Base fare and per minute ride and they have mentioned this on their website. So the conclusion is that an Auto Rickshaw ride is much cheaper than OLA Micro cab and its not Rs.6 per km. But I must admit that the service provided by OLA was very good. The driver was very courties, the cab was clean, we reached the destination quicker and all these benefits come with a premium.

Mumbai is well connected with public transport, so you can still choose to travel by BEST bus and train which is far cheaper than Auto and Ola cab.

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