Virar a Hot location for Real Estate near Mumbai

Virar, which is about 50 KM from Mumbai is turning to be a hot destination for real estate. People who cannot afford house in Mumbai are moving here. I myself have booked a 2BHK flat next to Global city in Virar West. Few years ago, it was impossible to travel to Virar, however now, there are 2 way rail track and good frequency of trains going to Virar. From Mumbai, you can take a train from Churchgate railway station or any other station which falls on the western line. It takes around 1 hour 30 min from Churchgate station and 30 min from Borivali station to reach Virar.

Virar Railway Station

I stay in Malad and work in Andheri. It takes me 1 hour 30min to reach home as I stay in Orlem. From Malad station, I need to take bus to Orlem. What if your house is close to Virar station? It will take the same time to reach home at Virar, think about it.

Trains at Virar station
Virar was under CIDCO governance, but now is being transitioned to Municipal Corporation ( Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation – VVMC). Due to this transition, it is expected that there will be big focus on public development like road, water, electricity etc. These amenities are even there today, however it will improve. Many big builders from Mumbai like Bhoomi, Rustumjee, Lodha etc. have started construction. Property which was available for lest than Rs.2000 per sq.ft. is now quoted at 3400 per sq.ft. and above. It is estimated that by diwali, this amount will cross Rs.4000 per sq.ft.  Many buildings are under construction and position is estimated by 2013. I would recommend investing here now, if you have the funds. This is going to be the next hot destination as property in Mumbai is becoming very expensive and this is going to be the next choice for buyer.

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