Top 10 Wholesale Markets for Mobile Accessories

Wholesale Markets for Mobile Accessories

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis of India, is renowned for its vibrant wholesale markets offering many goods. Regarding mobile accessories, the city boasts numerous wholesale markets catering to retailers and individuals seeking high-quality products at competitive prices. Let me help you explore the top 10 wholesale markets for mobile accessories in Mumbai, including their addresses, timings, ratings, and directions. 1. Lamington Road Market: Lamington Road Market, famous for its electronic goods, also boasts a wide selection of mobile covers. From sleek cases to customized covers, the market offers a comprehensive range of options to meet diverse customer needs. Address: Lamington Road, …

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Colaba Mumbai – Best Place for Street Shopping

Colaba Mumbai Shopping

Colaba Mumbai Shopping: Everything You Need to Know Colaba is south of Mumbai and has a beach promenade that starts at the Gateway of India. This tall basalt arch was built in the 1920s. High-end boutiques line the promenade, and the Taj Mahal Palace hotel is known for its colonial-style sea-facing tea lounge.  Various cafes and restaurants, including hip, contemporary ones, line the Colaba Causeway. There are also outdoor stalls selling handmade souvenirs. Colaba has historical monuments, busy markets, art galleries, and many more. It’s the best place for shopping due to the many malls and markets. You will find almost …

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Chor Bazaar Mumbai – 14 things to Buy, History, Timing

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Chor Bazaar Mumbai is one of India’s biggest fleas markets, situated at Mutton Street, close to Bhendi Bazaar in Grant Road, South Mumbai. It is among the main tourist attractions in Mumbai. “Chor” is a word that means “chor” means “thief” in both Marathi as well as Hindi. According to legend, If you’ve lost anything within Mumbai, you can purchase it in “Chor Bazaar.” Chor bazaar Names origins The Chor Bazaar Mumbai market, which translates into the Thieves Market, was initially named Shor Bazaar due to the amount of noise it would become in the bustling, active markets that line Mohammed Ali Road. It is located only two kilometers from Crawford Market in South …

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Top 5 Cheap Medicine Shops in Mumbai

Cheap Medicine Shops in Mumbai

Cheap Medicine Shops in Mumbai – When shopping around Mumbai for cheap medicine, these five shops are your best bet. All of these places sell a variety of generic and branded drugs at a fraction of the price you would find at a pharmacy or department store. 01. Torque Pharma, Mumbai The shop is located in the heart of the city and is known for its large selection of affordable generic drugs. Torque Pharma also has a wide variety of over-the-counter medications, making it a one-stop shop for all your medical needs. Address: Shree Arihant Compound, Kalher, Building No. J …

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TOP 5 Wholesale market for dry fruits in Mumbai

Wholesale market for dry fruits in Mumbai

Dry fruits are essential and considered more nutritious than fresh fruits. Therefore, if you are a visitor or a resident in Mumbai looking for dry fruits in wholes, you should consider finding the best markets. Here are the top 5 wholesale markets in Mumbai for dry fruits: 1. SARAH INTERNATIONAL Sarah International has been the mother of wholesale dry fruits in Mumbai for a pretty good period. They major in both exporting and importing dry fruits and dates. This is where you will find the best quality of dry fruits and dates at a very affordable price. • Specialty – …

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Top 10 Cheapest FISH market in Mumbai – (2024) Address, Cost, Timing

Fish Market in Mumbai

Cheapest fish Market in Mumbai – Mumbai is on the shoreline and has easy access to the SeSeaThere are many fishermen’s colonies within Mumbai. They go to the Sea daily and get fresh fish sent to wholesale markets. Below are wholesale markets to purchase fresh fish at cheap rates. Buying fish online or eating at a restaurant can be very expensive; therefore, buying fish from the wholesale market and cooking it at home is best. We have researched such top 10 cheapest fish markets in Mumbai. 1. Malad Fish Market Malad Fish Market is close to Malad’s west railway station …

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Wholesale Market in Mumbai for Stationery

01. Bhagwati stationery and Xerox in Apmc Market, Navi Mumbai This is one of the leading businesses in stationery shops, photocopying centers, printing services, writing pad dealers, art material dealers, and craft material dealers. It was established in 2004. The company has provided exemplary services to its customers since its establishment. The services offered in this stationery are very lovely. One can pay for the product through any means of payment like cash, cheques, UPI, and cheque credit. This marketplace is known to operate from Monday to Sunday, and the opening hours for this place are from 9:00 am to …

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Wholesale market for Cycle

Cycling has been a part of Indian culture for a very long time. To date, it is still a popular way of transport despite the infrastructure. Due to the living standards and fuel prices, people have taken to cycling since it is cheap and fun. Many cycle markets sell affordable and best-quality cycles in Mumbai. Here are the top five best wholesale markets in Mumbai for a cycle. Top 5 wholesale markets in Mumbai. 01. Sainath Cycle Mart Located near Sports Authority of India gate, Sinath cycle sells all types of affordable cycles ranging from kids to adults and racing …

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Wallpapers are decorative patterns or designs printed on paper and applied to a wall or other permanent surface. From ancient times, walls have been beautified with paintings made in different art styles. With time, people wanted something less expensive but appealing to the eye, which led to wallpaper. India has become an essential part of the wholesale market of wallpapers in Asia because of their variety and rates. Here are the top five wholesale markets in India for wallpapers. 01. City Light Market The first one is called City Light Market or City Lights Market. It starts at 9:00 am …

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TOP 5 Wholesale Markets in Mumbai for home decor

Furniture shop promotion instagram post

Mumbai city has high rents to deal with and it is daunting to get a good home. However, once you have managed to secure a place or home to stay in, it is crucial to put some money into buying quality furniture. Home décor items and furniture are expensive and require more money that has already been used, especially in paying rent. Interestingly, there is a way to acquire decorative items in case you are planning to redecorate or shop for décor items at an economical cost. Buying the same decor from Mall will be 10 times more in cost. …

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Top 5 Wholesale Market in Mumbai for Saree

Wholesale Market in Mumbai for Saree

Wholesale Market in Mumbai for Saree – In the women’s garment industry, new and inventive clothing is being introduced on a daily basis. As a result, new fashion trends are being created every day by designers who experiment with fabrics, designs, and colors. In contrast to the fads that come and go, the saree is one fashion item that will never go out of style. Since the dawn of time, sarees have been the most exquisite and elegant part of a woman’s wardrobe. The wearer’s exquisite appearance is enhanced by the sheer beauty of this drape. Another reason that contributes …

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Top 5 Wholesale Market for Imitation Jewellery in MUMBAI


WHOLESALE MARKET FOR IMITATION JEWELLERY – Mumbai is the ideal destination to find the best imitation jewellery wholesalers. The city guarantee affordability and top-notch quality on every Jewellery item. Generally, Mumbai is extensive, with various prestigious businesses selling multiple items at different closing and opening hours. This article will explore the top 5 Imitation jewellery wholesalers in Mumbai. Let’s get started; 01. Purnima Purnima is a verified imitation jewellery wholesaler. The wholesale market is located near Kabutar Khana, opposite UCO Bank in Mumbai. Purnima offers the best jewellery collection with wide varieties that you will never find in Mumbai. In …

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Top 7 Wholesale Markets in Mumbai for Toys

Wholesale markets in Mumbai for toys

Are you looking for wholesale markets in Mumbai that sell toys? You’ve come to the right place. This article lists and describes the top 7 wholesale markets in Mumbai for Toys. 1. Dhausa Market Dhausa market is located at Bhuleshwar near Crawford Market. It was established about 100 years ago and mainly facilitates the selling of plastic products, leather goods, home utensils, etc. They have a good collection of toys whose quality is similar to the standard maintained at the ultimate baby subscription from 123 baby box and this market is a must-visit place if you are looking to buy …

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Top 10 Wholesale Electronic Market in Mumbai


Buyers and sellers come from India for a large variety of items in India’s biggest wholesale electronics market. The wholesale electronics market is divided into two parts: the internal and outer markets. The inner market deals with buying old electronic items for recycling or resale. The outer market deals with bulk purchases of new items sold wholesale to shops across Mumbai. This article will find the top 10 best Mumbai wholesale electronics markets. 1. Lamington Road Market Lamington Road is considered one of Mumbai’s most famous and large electronics markets. It deals with electronic goods and a large variety of …

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Wholesale Fruit Markets in Mumbai – Address, Timings, Information

Wholesale fruit markets in Mumbai

Mumbai has two main wholesale markets from where fruits from all over India and worldwide come in. From here, they are distributed all over Mumbai and the surrounding cities, towns, and villages. Its Mango season now and you will see a wide variety of wholesale mangoes sold here. Here is the list of Wholesale fruit markets in Mumbai : 01. APMC Fruits and Vegetable Market It is situated on the outside, very near to Mumbai. In the well-planned and organized city of Navi Mumbai, also known as New Mumbai. It has six wholesale markets selling food grains, local and international …

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