10 Best Restaurants in Mumbai

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When visiting Historical landmarks, Beaches, and renowned movie theatres, Mumbai offers it all.

Every traveler loves it, but foodies will find a wonderful haven here, where they can indulge in a wide range of cuisines.

You can enjoy great nightlife and superb street food in every nook and corner of this city. Not to mention that Mumbai’s street food and restaurant fare are intriguing and delectable.

You may get everything from basic Maharashtrian food to spicy chaats to Mughlai and Chinese cuisines in this city.

As a cultural melting pot, Mumbai’s food scene is diverse and exciting. Mumbai does not disappoint when it comes to satisfying the sensations of taste.

The best restaurants in Mumbai provide something for everyone’s budget and culinary preferences.

01. Leopold Café

The Leopold Café in Mumbai has been operating since 1871, making it one of the city’s oldest dining establishments. Known as Leo’s, it has a mysterious past and a storied history of creativity.

It has steadily climbed to the top of the must-see lists of travelers and explorers. Café Shantaram is based on Gregory David Roberts’ 2003 best-seller Shantaram, which inspired the literary subject.

Leo plays a crucial role in the story, which takes place in the seedy underbelly of Mumbai in the 1980s. The Leopold vegetarian spaghetti, red pepper chicken, prawn chili, and soy wine chicken are some of the most popular dishes.

02. Yazdani bakery and café

When you enter this original Parsi café with its old metal fans spinning, vaulted ceiling, and Formica tables, it seems like you’ve stepped back into the 1950s when it originally opened.

The walls are covered with curling images, the dinnerware is rusted, and the whole staff is retro. Customers come to the glass cabinets because of the fresh rolls, and a chalkboard lists the day’s specials, including “firey ginger cookies.” Mumbai’s best freshly made white buns, silky with butter, are called Brun Maska and should not be missed.

03. The Table

The Table has been designated one of Asia’s 500 best restaurants in the 2013 Miele Guide, making it a culinary success story for Mumbai.

The black-and-white carpeting, green velvet sofas, and fizzy beverages combine to create a funky, jazzy atmosphere enhanced by the restaurant’s distinctive culinary approach, which draws on flavors from across the world.

Chef Alex Sanchez, a San Franciscan ex-pat, keeps the menu simple, fresh and focused on the ingredients. Lobster sliders, quesadillas with green pea guacamole, and the city’s most gorgeous beet and mascarpone risotto are available.

To produce a diverse menu, The Table uses only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients possible, including vegetables, meat, and seafood.

04. Wasabi by Morimoto

As one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants, Wasabi by Morimoto draws on Japanese culture while incorporating elements of Indian craftsmanship.

From the elegant Taj Mahal Palace-housed restaurant, a sleek glass-and-steel elevator whisks guests to the rooftop for magnificent views of the waterfront Gateway to India landmark and purple and lime-accented furniture with lighted cherry blossom displays. “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto sources the finest Japanese ingredients for his creations.

The omakase menu’s highlights include black cod miso, flounder carpaccio, and seared teriyaki Kobe steak, and it’s a great way to learn about the restaurant’s culinary prowess.

05. Yauatcha

The dim sum teahouse and patisserie offer contemporary Cantonese cuisine in a hip, fashionable setting. In Mumbai, Yauatcha’s opulent spot-lit tables are a popular late-night dining choice because of the wide variety of dim sums available, including steamed, baked, grilled, and fried.

There are larger options, like dim sum, that draw on traditional Chinese ingredients while being light and innovative. Carrot, mushroom, garlic, and chili combine with crisp slices of turnip cake to create a signature dish, while mousse and macaroons for dessert return to European textures and flavors.

06. Smoke House Deli

Located in the heart of India’s bustling financial capital, the smokehouse deli seeks to take diners on a thrilling journey while creating an odd and intriguing atmosphere around them.

To put it another way, everything in this restaurant seems like it was hand-drawn by an eccentric artist with an uncanny eye for detail.

There’s a kitchen at Smoke House Deli that “wakes up earlier than the morning,” so you may enjoy Chef Glyston Gracia’s hearty and healthy food while you’re there, surrounded by amazing illustrations that tell fascinating tales.

The salad-and-sandwich deli menu’s fresh kiwi and mandarin mojitos pair nicely with the menu’s grape and Brie salad, fluffy scrambled eggs, and hefty beef burger.

07. The Bombay Canteen

This restaurant doesn’t seem elegant from the outside, with its rust-red façade and vintage sign, but it’s a coolly respectful hipster take on a 1960s Indian canteen, with long tables on mustard-colored, patterned tiled flooring.

It’s buzzing with clatter and conversation, a mix of fashion-forward residents and well-informed tourists eating into regional Indian staples with a Mumbai twist, such as silky delicious shrimp momos or creamy upma semolina with mushrooms.

It also offers inventive Indian drinks like Canteen Punch, which combines vodka, kokum fruit, and rose in a brass bowl.

08. Food Indigo

A multi-award-winning Indigo restaurant is romantic, with flickering candles, fairy lights, and gourmet food.

Indigo offers an unusual menu of European-Asian cuisine in a renovated turn-of-the-century house in trendy South Mumbai.

It is managed by Rahul Akerkar, a veteran of the city’s restaurant scene, and offers one of India’s finest gastronomic experiences.

Guests may taste slivers of roast duck, pork chops, and other great dishes inside its warm, minimalistic surroundings and beneath the romantically lit trees on the beautiful open patio.

There’s also lobster risotto, salmon ravioli with cucumber soup, and cold tomato sorbet. Indigo has an excellent wine and single malt selection, and the alfresco dining experiences are memorable against the stunning background of the city.

09. Trishna

Trishna is widely considered Mumbai’s favorite seafood restaurant, popular with tourists, residents, and celebrities.

Even while the vast menu seems daunting at first glance (the King Prawn alone has 21 sauce choices), everything on it is of the highest caliber and delicious.

Everyone comes for the prawns but leaves space for the fresh giant crab served with lashings of butter, pepper, and garlic, as well as the seafood biryani and the Bombay duck, which are all excellent (a type of fish). Ignore the sparsely decorated interior – Trishna is all about serving you the finest fruits of the sea, as its throngs of regular customers can attest.

10. Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay, which opened in 1945 down a crowded lane in old Mumbai, has evolved – the large, first-floor hall has been divided into small rooms, and air conditioning has been installed – but what hasn’t changed in over 75 years is the quality of the Gujarati food, which is all vegetarian and served with the charm that comes with a family-owned restaurant.

Huge steel thali dishes with small pots of chutneys, dal, farsan, curries, and samosas to be scooped up with roti, puri, and bhakri are the order of the day.

Weekends will likely be crowded, which is understandable considering the excellent value for money. It’s best to go on an empty stomach since the servings are enormous.

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