Marine Drive of Mumbai

About Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a 3-kilometer long Promenade in South Mumbai. It’s a C-shaped concrete footpath along the sea line.

This Promenade is also known as the Queens necklace Road. This is due to the night street lights that exhibit necklace design when seen from an elevated height.

The Marine Drive is basically a footpath where people can walk. The footpath is quite broad and comfortable for many people to walk at one time.

One of the most beautiful views is the palm trees, planted parallel to the Promenade, giving it a magnificent scenic view.

Marine Drive
Marine Drive – quay Mumbai (Bombay). It has a crescent shape. India

There is a low wall that separates the sea from the promenade. You will see people, especially couples sitting on this wall, facing the sea and spending their time together. Mumbai Police keep patrolling his area to ensure safety.

Marine Drive is very close to the Churchgate railway station. It is within walking distance of around 1 kilometer. You will see people cycling, jogging, exercising, and strolling along this path, especially in the morning and evening.

The best time to visit Marine Drive is in the morning or the late evening. This is when there is very little traffic, and it is the perfect time to enjoy the sound of waves and enjoy the fresh cool sea breeze.

Marine Drive @K

Marine Drive is one of the most expensive places to live in Mumbai as it faces the sea. The property prices are quite high here, and even the rent is not affordable by the common man. You can see a mix of old heritage homes and tall magnificent skyscrapers.

Marine Drive is a famous spot for Bollywood producers, and many of the Bollywood movies will have romantic scenes shot at Marine Drive.

The weather is quite pleasant during November, December, Jan, and Feb.

May and October are the months when there is high humidity, and you sweat a lot.

The northern end of the Marine Drive is the Girgaon Chowpatty beach. This is a famous beach in Mumbai and particularly famous for the street food Bhel Puri. This sea is not safe for swimming and should be avoided.

Marine Drive

This beach comes alive during Ganesh Visarjan (immersion), which is one of the famous festivals of Mumbai. This is when thousands of devotees from all over Mumbai come to the beach in a procession to immerse the idols of Lord Ganesh in the Arabian Sea.

Marine Drive is a must-visit spot in Mumbai and is close to India’s iconic Gateway of India, Taj Mahal hotel, and Elephanta caves. It is a beautiful place for camera clicks and to capture your beautiful moments in this beautiful city.

Marine Drive

If you are a Mumbaikar, it is a good place to come and sit watching the magnificent Arabian sea. It is just like therapy to rejuvenate yourself or just come and chill out with your friends and family.


The creation of Marine Drive was one of the various projects of the Back Bay Reclamation areas that the British Government took up.

The idea was to reclaim the water body and put huge boulders in there to make more land to extend the city on the west side.

The Marine Drive development commenced in 1915 at Girgaum Chowpatty, also know as Kennedy Sea Face, during that time. Most of the construction work was completed by the year 1930s.

Instructions when visiting  Marine Drive:

  • Do not litter waste at Marine Drive.  There are dustbins to dispose of your litter; please use them and keep the place clean. Avoid spitting or making the place dirty.
  • Do not cross the wall and go to the boulders. You will find many couples going and sitting there. This is very risky as the tides are very unpredictable, and you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of the water and may not be able to come back to the footpath.
  • The sun is quite bright, and in case you are visiting Marine Drive in the afternoons, ensure to carry a bottle of water, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Try not to visit Marine drive when the rains are very heavy as it can be risky.
  • Drinking is strictly prohibited. Avoid creating any nuisance for others.

What is the Entry Fee and Timings to visit Marine Drive?

There is no specific timing to visit Marine Drive as it is an open free, all public area. You can choose to stroll or simply sit next to the promenade for hours and witness the sunrise, sunset or simply enjoy the fresh breeze.

Better to avoid afternoons as the climate would be hot and the sun would be blazing. Suppose going during the afternoon, put on a hat, sunglasses and carry a bottle of water.

There is no entry fee to visit Marine Drive.

Famous Places Near Marine Drive:

  • Gateway of India – Just 5 Km from Marine Drive is the Historic monument of Gateway of India. This architectural marvel scores over any other monument in Mumbai. The foundation stone of the structure was laid on March 31st, 1913, but it took more than 13 years to get completed. During British rule, it was used as the entry gate for visitors who can from the west.
  • The most famous and Prestigious luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel is situated opposite the structure of Gateway of India.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, which was earlier know as Victoria Terminus is a historic terminal train station and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Distance around 5 km from Marine Drive
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is around  5 km from Marine Drive.
  • Jehangir Art Gallery is a famous art Gallery and only 5 km from Marine Drive
  • Flora Fountain in Fort is another famous Structure which is in between Marine Drive and Gateway of India

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