Places of Worship in Mumbai

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Places of Worship in Mumbai – Mumbai has a diverse population with people of all cultures, states, religions, and beliefs.

You will find historical holy places of all the religions in this city. The city has a sizable number of beautiful Hindu Temples.

A key differentiator for Mumbai in India is the Parsi community or the Zoroastrians. Parsis were driven out of Iran in the 9th Century AD and arrived at the ports of Gujarat. There are around 50,000 Parsis in the city.

One famous Parsi agiaries (also known as fire temple) is at Parsi Colony at Cusrow bagh in Colaba. Non-Parsi’s are forbidden from entering this temple.

Mumbai has a sizable number of Muslims. Mohammed Ali roadshows a diverse number of mosques and dargahs.

The city also boasts beautiful churches, including the St. Thomas Cathedral near Homiman circle; this is the first Anglican church of Mumbai built-in 1718.

01. Mumbadevi temples

Located in Bhuleshwar in south Mumbai.
The name of the city, Bombay (now known as Mumbai), is derived from the goddess MAA MUMBADEVI.

Mumbai devi Mumbai

02.  Siddhivinayak temple

Located at Prabhadevi. This temple is made of white marble and dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

This is the most popular temple in Mumbai. This temple is open early in the morning, especially on Tuesday, as it is considered an auspicious day.

This is probably the most visited holy place in all of Mumbai.

dreamstime s 196176239

03. Afghan Church

Location – Navy Nagar, Colaba.
This church is dedicated to St. John, the evangelist.

The British built this church to commemorate the dead soldiers of the First Afghan War of 1838.

This war was a complete debacle as the British suffered heavy casualties. The awesome structure has wide Gothic arches and beautiful stained glass windows.

Afghan Church, Colaba, Interior view, c.1880-90

04. Haji Ali

Located at Worli. This beautiful Mosque is located very close to the cost at Worli.
It is on the banks of the Arabian sea. The Mosque is literally in the sea and can be reached only during low tide. A narrow causeway is available as a bridge to reach the Mosque during low tide.
Places Worship in Mumbai
Haji Ali Mumbai

The Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in the southern part of Mumbai. Near the heart of the city proper

05. Mount Mary Church, Bandra

The basilica stands on a hillock, about 80 meters above sea level overlooking the Arabian Sea.

It draws lakhs of devotees and pilgrims annually. Many of the faithful attest to the miraculous powers of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The shrine attracts people from all faiths who pray to Virgin Mary to express their gratitude or requesting favors.

During the Bandra Fair, the entire area is decorated with festoons and buntings. Many pitches up stalls selling religious articles, roasted grams, snacks, and sweets.

Wax figures of the Virgin Mary, along with an assortment of candles shaped like hands, feet, and various other parts of the body, are sold at kiosks.

The sick and the suffering choose a candle or wax figure corresponding to their ailment and light it in Church, with the pious hope that Mother Mary will consider their appeals for help.

Places Worship in Mumbai
Church of Mount Mary at Bandra Mumbai

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