Chor Bazaar Mumbai – 14 things to Buy, History, Timing

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Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Chor Bazaar Mumbai is one of India’s biggest fleas markets, situated at Mutton Street, close to Bhendi Bazaar in Grant Road, South Mumbai. It is among the main tourist attractions in Mumbai. “Chor” is a word that means “chor” means “thief” in both Marathi as well as Hindi. According to legend, If you’ve lost anything within Mumbai, you can purchase it in “Chor Bazaar.”

Chor bazaar Names origins

The Chor Bazaar Mumbai market, which translates into the Thieves Market, was initially named Shor Bazaar due to the amount of noise it would become in the bustling, active markets that line Mohammed Ali Road. It is located only two kilometers from Crawford Market in South Mumbai.

The market was named Chor Bazaar by the British, who couldn’t say the term accurately. Then the market was flooded with stolen items, antique items were brought to the market, and the name stuck.

History of Chor Bazaar Mumbai

The Chor Bazaar in Mumbai was one of India’s most storied markets for second-hand merchandise before the British rule of India. Today, it is believed to sell primarily second-hand rather than stolen items. Markets are now famous for their antique and vintage objects.

Mini Market, a shop called Mini Market, sells old Bollywood posters. Some stores also have original Victorian furniture, parts for cars, etc. While bargains can be awe-inspiring, the haggling process is considered mandatory. It’s an “organized” flea market that requires one to go through trash to find the items one would like.

The most famous tale about the origins in the name of the market is the fact that the violin, as well as other items belonging to Queen Victoria, disappeared when she was unloaded from her ship during the trip to Bombay and were later discovered for sale in the “thieves market.”

Chor Bazaar is a famous market in Mumbai and shouldn’t be missed! Besides being among the last vestiges of the past Bombay, Chor Bazaar is a trendy spot to pick up bargains for yourself. If you’re a shopper, Chor Bazaar might be the right place for you! Visit the traditional glamour of Mumbai!

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

The Best Time to Visit the Chor Bazaar Mumbai

The majority of the shops in the Bazaar remain open from 11:00 am until 7 pm, excluding Fridays, when some shops remain closed since it’s the day of prayer for Muslims. However, don’t let this alter your plans. 

The only way to witness Chor Bazaar alive and lively occurs on Fridays due to the Juma Market – the real “chor” market. Every Friday, when dawn breaks, the street vendors take their stalls and sell everything and anything. To find the “good” merchandise, it is recommended to start early and put your sights on an item that is prized.

  • Time of Visit Chor Bazaar Mumbai 11:00 AM until 7:30 pm (Saturday through Thursday). Friday – closed.
11:00 am – 7:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:30 pm

Things to Buy at Chor Bazaar Mumbai

This is a must-see tourist attraction located in Mumbai. There’s almost nothing that isn’t available in Mumbai. You can find various items here, from old, out-of-use electronic objects to old car parts. 

Many film crews search this market to find props used in films. This market can be divided into different sections.

1. Automobile Section

It will be the first thing you discover if you step into the marketplace. There are a variety of repair workshops for cars as well as shops that sell spare parts for vehicles as well as antiques. 

According to some reports, when the vehicle is stolen and gets to the location, the employees can dismantle the vehicle part by part and sell it as spare parts in only a few minutes. If you’re looking for spare parts for sale at a reasonable price, then this is an excellent option that you should consider.

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

2. Antique Section

Old bronze statues, bronze items, antique coins, old coins, and typewriters. Grandfather clocks, antique cameras, and more are available in the antique section of the market. Many film production companies search this area for props for their shopping sets.

3. Secret Night Market Just For Shoes

This is where you can find the most stolen items. A small lane called Dedh Gully is dedicated to this hidden market which opens at 4 am and 8 am every Friday. The market is exclusively branded shoes stolen from the streets at an incredibly lower price.

There are old and brand-new shoes. New products are typically sold by employees of factories or even cargo that has been stolen from ports.

4. Movie Poster Shops

Mumbai is the core of Bollywood, and the movie industry flourishes in the city. The past was when movie crews printed posters for their films and then pasted them across the city. Are you a movie freak? There are many vintage movie posters here.

Old movie posters of Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Devanand, etc., can be found here. It is a nostalgic feeling which will take you back in time.

5. Vintage Telephones

The phone may be sufficient for us. However, it strips your space of a fantastic piece of art. We long for the vibrant vintage dial phones, adding spink to your bedside and sitting with conversations with the phone for all eternity. 

What a way to be old-fashioned and trendy. Are you looking to go further into the old days? Rewind to the past of wooden phones that had big receivers. The most colorful phones start around Rs. 500. The wooden ones range from Rs. 1,000 to 1,500.

6. Old Cameras

Find your favorite old-fashioned Yashikas, Nikons, and Polaroid cameras at Chor Bazaar for prices as affordable as Rs. 1000 or more. The majority of shops also sell the necessary film to complete the process. You will find excellent camera stores to satisfy your photography passion. My favorite was this instant film Polaroid camera, the inspiration behind Instagram’s logo.

7. Typewriters

Gone are the days when Typewriters were the basic necessity of a novel writer or a professional who needed to type and print documents. We don’t use these now a day. However, they can be found outside courts or government offices even today.

Computers and printers now replace typewriters. But you can still buy them for memory or use them at the Chor bazaar for as little as Rs. 1,000 or less. Since it does not have much utility value anymore, you can get it very cheap here. 

8. TV Set

The tiny television size of your Dabba is simply adorable and should be placed on top of your messy desk. These are priced at Rs. 300-500 and look as cool. Find vibrant full-sized TVs in this store. However, be sure to check the functionality.

Nowadays, you find Flat screen LED and LCD TVs. This is probably the only place in Mumbai or India where you can still buy CRT big sizes Television.

9. Leather Trunks

Are you a fan of leather luggage but feel that Louis Vuitton is too mainstream or expensive? This is the ultimate store for leather luggage and trunks in various sizes and colors of brown. 

The prices start at Rs. 1,500, but we’re sure a bargain is necessary. Use your skill to check the Leather’s genuine quality, as you may buy a regzine trunk thinking it’s pure leather.

10. Bronze Statues

In keeping with the theme of bronze, plenty of stores in Chor Bazaar sell bronze statues of gods and goddesses and additional bronze artifacts. They are available in various dimensions and shapes; some are very old and intricate.

This is the best place to find various statues, which you will never find online. Be amazed at what you see and can buy.

11. Vintage Lamps

Another item that is sought-after at Chor Bazaar is lamps. Some are antique, and others that look old. Some are replicas, while others are authentic. There are a variety of distinctive designs to pick from.

The most sought-after items are antique colonial lamps, hurricane lamps made of kerosene crystal chandeliers, crystal lamps, and glass lamps in striking shades.

The lamps will give you nostalgia and take you back in time. You can identify these in some old movies and still used by the film industry to bring a vintage scene to life.

12. Spare Car Parts

Chor Bazaar has car scrappers as well! Look around, and you’ll find a variety of car components at bargain prices, including motors, wheels and turbos, gearboxes, and even steering wheels. Most often, the part you’re looking for is removed from the vehicle as you sit and wait.

If you’re a prideful owner of an antique or vintage car, This section of the Chor Bazaar will be your Wonderland. The parts not accessible in the commercial market elsewhere are offered only in the Chor Bazaar.

13. Power Tools

Portable power tools like mechanical saws, jigsaws, hammers, drills, sanders, grinders, and numerous other power tools can be purchased at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. Tools that aren’t stored in the shop are suspended on their cables on the ceiling, then set on tables out the front.

You can check out nearby shops with similar products if you cannot find what you want. You will find a range of selection of Power Tools.

14. Old Stamps and Coins

You’ll be amazed to find antique and rare stamps and Coins even as old as the British era. If you are a collector or have a hobby of collecting Old stamps and Coins, you will be amazed to find a wide selection of vintage stamps and coins here.

How to Reach Chor Bazaar Mumbai

By Road

By car, you can take local transportation. The MTDC auto-rickshaws, buses, and taxis can take you directly into Chor Bazaar. It takes about 25 minutes to get there from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The road well connects this place. You can turn on your Google Maps and reach there easily.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is on Grant Road, and tourists can get off there and walk to Chor Bazaar. Trains going to Grant Road leave from CST and the Central Junction station.

Address of Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Mutton Street, Near Bhendi Bazaar, South Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400003, India

Some Tips to Consider Before Visiting Chor Bazaar

  • Dress modestly As it’s still a traditional Muslim area, it’s ideal for dressing modestly, not exposing too much of your legs or shoulders.
  • Best Months to Visit. Also, it is recommended to go to the market between October through February/March as it can get hotter and hotter in the months following March/April.
  • Be a Variation of Tour Belongings and Surroundings Although it’s generally safe to go out and explore the market, it is still prudent to keep your guard fall.
  • Water and Hat. The sun of Mumbai can be challenging and draining. You may want to guard yourself against the sun and stay hydrated.

Location Map to Chor Bazaar Mumbai

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