Vikramgad Fort

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History of Vikramgad Fort

Vikramgad is a tiny hamlet in Maharashtra’s Thane District, located on the Manor-Jawhar Road. It’s only 80 miles from Mumbai, making it a great weekend retreat. Vikramgad is a natural retreat with more than 200 varieties of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Vikramgad Fort was built during the 17th century by the Maratha warrior king Shivaji. The fort is situated on a hill known as Gavilgad in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, India. It was built to keep a check on the Koli tribes and to protect the nearby regions. The fort played a significant role in the 17th- and 18th-century Maratha wars and was used as a strategic military base by the Maratha army.

Importance of the Vikramgad Fort

Vikramgad is well-known for its historical features, such as the Jai Vilas Palace, located in the city. During the monsoon season, many tourists go to the Pilucha Dhabdhaba Waterfalls. Additionally, travelers may participate in various adventure activities at Sajjan, located close to Vikramgad.

It is well-known for its warli paintings, which have their beginnings here, and for Tarpa, a dance style performed here on various occasions, and is very famous. It is one of the most convenient vacation destinations near Mumbai.

Battles of Vikramgad

Shivaji, the Maratha warrior king, was resting in Jawhar while his son Sambhaji and Peshwa Moropant Pingle stayed at Vikramgad Fort. However, Diler Khan and his General Khizr Khan, leading an army of about 10,000, immediately arrived to retake Kolistan from the Marathas.

A full-fledged battle ensued when Dilir Khan and Khizr Khan decided to attack the Marathas under Sambhaji’s command. The two forces clashed near Vikramgad town. The battle began with initial skirmishes that were inconclusive. Both sides fought fiercely for 2-3 hours, resulting in heavy casualties.

However, the battle remained inconclusive until the afternoon. The Marathas then began to gain the upper hand, inflicting severe casualties on the Mughal army. Khizr Khan was also wounded in the intense battle. Seeing this, the Mughal army fled toward Nashik, and the Marathas successfully routed them. The victory in the Battle of Vikramgad strengthened the Marathas’ hold on Kolistan.

Source – Wikipedia

Tourist Attraction

Vikramgad has a lot to offer for vacation or tourist attractions:

•Picnickers and hikers use Vikramgad village as a jumping-off place.

•Pilucha Dhabdhaba, a waterfall located in Vikramgad, is accessible through Vikramgad (active in monsoon)

•Vikramgad is located along the Vikramgad-Bhupatgad Trekking Route.

•As a popular tourist destination, Sajan is surrounded by deep forests and has an abundance of mango and chikoo trees (most notably Kayaking)

•In addition to Rappelling and Valley Crossing, Mountain Biking, and Kayaking are among the sports available at the Nature Trail resort. There is also a Barbecue, Treks, and Nature Tours.

•It is possible to explore Jawahar and Dabhosa waterfalls from Vikramgad, between Manor and Jawahar.

How To Reach Vikramgad Fort

Vikramgad, in Maharashtra, has excellent access to the rest of India’s main cities. Vikramgad and Mumbai, Maharashtra’s capital, are just 110 kilometers apart, and Mumbai frequently serves as a hub for linking Vikramgad to other major cities inside and outside the nation.

It is possible to get to Vikramgad by road, rail, and waterways, unlike other tourist locations in India. Traveling to Vikramgad is easier for tourists because of the several forms of transportation available.

Timings and Entry Fee – You can book an adventure day out

It’s possible to revitalize your mind and body while making cherished memories by spending time with loved ones and participating in exciting activities. Adults in Vikramgad pay a charge of ₹849 each. Within 24 hours of completing a booking, the customer receives an email with a confirmation voucher. Check-in is from 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

Trekking to the Vikramgad Fort

Vikramgad is also a popular destination for trekkers. In search of the unknown, trekking enthusiasts might revel. The Pinjal River trek from Vikramgad to Bhupatgad provides thrill-seekers with an exciting experience.

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