Holy Girdle of Mother Mary in Mumbai

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The St.Peter’s Jacobite Syrian Church at Malad West in Mumbai was raised to fame with the establishment of the Holy SOONORO.

This is the only Church outside of Kerala where the Holy Soonoro has been kept.

Holy Girdle of Mother Mary

The Holy Soonoro casket is unveiled for public veneration once a year on Sept. 1 and kept open for eight days lent.

On Sept.8, the casket containing the Soonoro is taken out of the shrine, allowing the devotees to view, venerate, and seek blessing. After which, it is closed again.

Holy Girdle of Mother Mary

Hundreds of people, irrespective of their caste, creed visit this Church and receive blessings through the prayer of the intercession of Mother Mary.

On Wednesday, from dawn to dusk, devotees come to the Holy Soonoro shrine for meditation and prayer and return blessed.

On every Friday evening, along with the Holy Qurbono, there is a prayer of intercession in the name of the Holy Mother.

Hundreds of devotees attend the Holy Qurbono, meditate and pray from 7 or 9 consecutively and receive blessings.

On every Sunday and second Saturday, along with the Holy Qurbono, prayers of intercession are held at the Holy Soonoro Shrine.

Holy Girdle of Mother Mary

Mother Mary

St. Thomas carried this precious treasure to India and performed many miracles before he died. In 394 AD.

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