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27 Comments on BMC Online services

  1. Plz help me in calculating Individual PROPERTY Tax. Our society consists of 6 shops n 9 Flats.All are of diff. sizes. what is the ratio for commercial : Residential, as we receive joint bill of Property TAX. thanx.

  2. Ideally it should be prorata i.e total property tax divided by total area, this will giving you tax per sq ft. Then you charge it to members depending on their area occupied.

  3. I trying to pay my property tax for teh last 3 months online. But ther is no access. looks like some insider has done monkey tricks for Touts

  4. I am trying to pay our water bill payment last two months,But there is no acces. I am facing a problem of online water bill payment.When we have click on submit button,no response have been found.Please suggest us how we can pay online payment?

  5. Welcome to BMC (Big Mess Corporation) want to pay property tax online but links are not working. Cannot see the telephone helpline either. I sent them the mail to get information how to pay online but there is no reply. Unfortunately god has given them the eyes which are closed, ears which are deaf and hands which cannot even write a reply e-mail.

  6. BMC's online tax site has not been working since past 4 months . It stopped working on dec 6, 2012 . looks like now we will have to file RTI for the BMC to be on track . Lets start filing RTI .

  7. Please cross check before & after paying property tax as i have paid bill in the counter but noticed name different on the receipt, account no remain same. Looks like a crap system they developed to create mess & inconvenience to customers.

  8. Hi, we don't have a society as yet, and all these years we have been paying property tax individually to BMC, but now the BMC is saying to make consolidated payment of all the flat in one cheque to BMC, so please advise if there are such rules? How to handle such an issue.

  9. I am unable to paying my water bill online through idbi.when i am trying to hit the submit button it is not going through.

  10. It's so sad on the part of BMC, India's richest Municipal corporation, does not provide online facility to pay property tax. When will it wake up from its sleep.? Tried more times to get the portal, but all my efforts went in vain.

  11. It's so pathetic that BMC, one of the richest Municipal Corporations does not provide the online payment facility of property tax. Why such a mess in the system?

  12. I needed assistance in municipal birth certificate, I was born in Mumbai but am not registered at the municipal council of births. how can I register to obtain a birth certificate. what documents I would require and what is the procedure? how much time does this procedure take.
    thank you.

  13. Property tax payment online is a mess , which allows only 4 banks, citi, kotak yes , and not general like mtnl or mahanagargas or other utility services, then I tried to do a bank IFSC/NEXT, on the a/c and ID listed on my bill, it was declined by the benefecery bank SBI , IS THIS NOT SHEAR HARASSMENT and waste of public time

  14. I had made online application for Shop & Establishment, but payment debited from my account but application no is not generated. I had made payments twice. May be link is not working. Even offline application not accepting by their staff. Why such a mess in the system?

  15. Same happened to me today I paid twice but application number was not generated while making shops and establishment registration. Did you get the refund back or know the reason why it happened.

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