Exploring Byculla Zoo Mumbai: A Guide for Tourists

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Byculla Zoo Mumbai

Byculla Zoo Mumbai, also known as Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan and Zoo, is a popular tourist attraction in Mumbai. It is the oldest zoo in India, spread over 50 acres of land in the city’s heart. This review will explore the history, attractions, and practical information about Byculla Zoo Mumbai.


The Byculla Zoo Mumbai was established in 1861 as Victoria Gardens. It was renamed Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan and Zoo in 1965 in honor of Jijabai, the mother of the famous Maratha warrior Shivaji. The zoo was initially created as a botanical garden to grow plants and study their medicinal properties. It was later transformed into a zoo and became home to various animals.


The Byculla Zoo Mumbai has a diverse collection of animals and birds worldwide. Some of the popular attractions at the zoo are:

  1. Asiatic Lions: The zoo has a breeding program for Asiatic lions native to India. The lions at the Byculla Zoo Mumbai are kept in spacious enclosures, and visitors can watch them play, roam, and relax.
  2. Bengal Tigers: The Bengal tigers at the Byculla Zoo Mumbai are among the most popular attractions. They are kept in a natural environment, and visitors can watch them hunt, climb trees, and swim.
  3. Birds: The zoo has various birds, including peacocks, parrots, macaws, and flamingos. Visitors can watch the birds in their natural habitats and learn about their behavior and habits.
  4. Reptiles: The zoo has a reptile house where visitors can see different species of snakes, crocodiles, and turtles. There is also an aquarium where visitors can see a variety of fish.
  5. Garden: The Byculla Zoo Mumbai has a beautiful garden with various trees, plants, and flowers. Visitors can take a stroll in the park and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  6. Toy Train: The zoo has a toy train that takes visitors on a zoo tour. It is a popular attraction among children and adults alike.
  7. Butterfly Garden: The zoo has a butterfly garden where visitors can see different species of butterflies. The garden is designed to provide a natural habitat for the butterflies, and visitors can learn about their life cycle and behavior.

Practical Information

Location: The Byculla Zoo Mumbai is in the heart of Mumbai, near the famous Haji Ali Dargah.

Timing: The zoo is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Tickets: The ticket prices for Indian citizens are INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children. The ticket prices for foreign nationals are Rs. 400 for adults and Rs. 200 for children.

Guided Tours: The zoo offers guided tours for visitors who want to learn more about the animals and their habitats. The tours are conducted by trained guides who provide interesting insights and information.

Food and Drink: The zoo has several food stalls where visitors can buy snacks, drinks, and meals. Visitors can also bring their food and have a picnic in the garden.

Accessibility: The Byculla Zoo Mumbai is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and lifts to help visitors with disabilities.

Byculla Zoo Mumbai

Tips for Visitors

  1. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear as you will be walking a lot.
  2. Carry a hat or sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  3. Carry water and snacks as the zoo can get crowded, and the food stalls may have long queues.
  4. Respect the animals and their habitats. Please do not feed them or try to touch them.
  5. Do not litter. Dustbins are available throughout the zoo, and visitors are encouraged to use them.
  6. Follow the instructions of the zoo staff and guides.
  7. Be patient. Some animals may be sleeping or hiding, and it may take some time to spot them.

Byculla Zoo Timings for all days of the week:

Day Zoo OpenZoo Close
Monday9:30 am6:00 pm
Tuesday9:30 am6:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am6:00 pm
Thursday9:30 am6:00 pm
Friday9:30 am6:00 pm
Saturday9:30 am6:00 pm
Sunday9:30 am6:00 pm

Please note that these timings are subject to change, and it’s always best to check with the zoo authorities before planning your visit.

Byculla Zoo Mumbai ticket prices:

CategoryTicket Price Rs.
Indian Adult50
Indian Child25
Foreign Adult400
Foreign Child200
Photo Camera100
Video Camera300

Is there Parking, and what is the cost

Byculla Zoo Mumbai has a parking lot available for visitors who arrive by private vehicles. The parking fee is INR 30 per vehicle for the entire day. However, parking space availability is subject to availability, and it’s best to arrive early to ensure a spot.


The Byculla Zoo Mumbai is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Mumbai. It offers a unique opportunity to see various animals and birds worldwide. The zoo is also a critical conservation center vital in preserving endangered species. Visiting the Byculla Zoo Mumbai allows visitors to enjoy a day in nature and contribute to conservation efforts.

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