How to check status of BMC Building proposal for IOD/CC online

BMC has implemented AutoDCR is an innovative e-governance platform for automation of the building plan scrutiny and approval.

It’s one of the widely implemented architect engineering solution for e-governance of the building plans.

Its has an online approval workflow to keep track of the approval flow with associated document scrutiny including site visits.

Now even an ordinary citizen can go online and check the status of the project he has purchased flat in or status of any construction around the city. This service is available for Proposals submitted after 14th July 2013.
Search is very simple, just put in details of the locality OR area OR builder name OR applicant name and you will get all the details of the proposal including plans submitted and approval status.
You can also watch Video on how to access this site and browse for information.

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    • Pls give information on the status of the cc you have issued to kabra devlopers for the project of d.n.nagar

  1. hi we are planning redevelopment ours is condominium and plot is lease land i want building completation plan certificate and iod where can i get this my building is in sion (w)

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