Matheran – (2022) Timing, Pic, Attraction

Train to Matheran

Matheran is the most prefered small hill station of India. Its a preferred location for honey monners who are looking enjoy their romantic moments and not wanting to spend too much time traveling from one location to other in the hill station. Its a an extraordinary hill station which has all the offers all the best scenic views and points within 2 km radium.

Matheran is in the western Ghats and around 800 meters about the sea level. It has a pleasant climate through the year and is untouched by the hussel and bussel of a tourist location. You will not find vehicals here. Only horse and carts which will take you across the hill station and make your stay memorable. Its also called a eco friendly holiday destination

Since there is no bus, cabs etc, there is no honking and engine noise. This give you a mesmerising experience which is out of the world and you will feel you have gone back 100 years back in time.


The sunrise and sunset from Matheran is something you will will experience just in this Hill station due to the elevation and scenic placement of this hill station. The place become more live and beautiful during monsoon.

Matheran is also famous for trekkers who enjoy mountain climbing. It is also a heaven for those who love nature and photography. You can virtually cover the whole hill station on foot just in one day. Other activities like camping, rappelling etc.

Matheran is a small hilstation and best option for those who would getting emersed in nature and those who want to take weekend off form the busy life of city.

Maheran is very close to Mumbai, Thane and Pune, hence most of the tourist prefer spending their weekends here. Visit once and you will come back again and again.

List of 23 famous Points in Matheran

  1. Charlotte Lake
  2. Louisa Point
  3. Monkey Point
  4. Shivaji’s Ladder
  5. Panorama Point
  6. One Tree Hill Point
  7. Echo Point
  8. Porcupine Point
  9. Alexander Point
  10. Honeymoon Hill Point
  11. Irshalgad Fort
  12. Rambagh Point
  13. Morbe Dam
  14. Prabal Fort
  15. Lord Point
  16. Khandala Point
  17. Little Chowk Point
  18. Madhav Ji Point
  19. King George Point
  20. Dhodani Waterfalls
  21. Hart Point
  22. Malet Waters Spring
  23. Belvedere Point
Matheran Hill Station

About Matheran train

The Matheran Railway is a 2 feet narrow-gauge heritage railway close to Mumbai. It covers a distance of 21 km cutting through the forest and connecting Neral to Matheran in the Western Ghats.

Toy train in Matheran is the best way to travel up the hill and enjoy the beauty of nature in the hill station.

Stations :

  1. Neral
  2. Jumapatti
  3. Water Pipe: Used for filling steam locomotives
  4. Aman Lodge: Named after a nearby lodge
  5. Matheran

Neral to Matheran train timings is mentioned below.

Neral to Matheran train timings

07:30   8:50     10.:15   11:35   17:05
09:30   11:10   12:10    13:35   19:00

Matheran to Neral train timings

07:00   09:45   13:40   14:45   16:25
08:40   11:25   15:20   16:25   18:10


  • First Class: Rs.300 for Adult and Rs.180 for Children
  • Second Class: Rs.75 for Adult and Rs.45 for Children


  • First Class: Rs.300 for Adult and Rs.180 for Children
  • Second Class: Rs.45 for Adult and Rs.30 for Children

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