Pune Pin Code (Updated 2024)

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Pune pin code

Pune Pin Code – Pune is a famous city in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. It is situated very close to Mumbai and was once the base of the Maratha Empire from the year 1674 to 1818.

Like Mumbai, Pune is also divided into various taluka and districts. Below is the list of all such places and their respective Pin/Postal codes.

Post Office NamePincodeTaluka
Kurkumbh B.O413802Daund
MIDC Kurkumbh S.O413802Daund
Alegaon B.O413801Daund
Beam Wirelee Station B.O413801Daund
Boribyal B.O413801Daund
Deulgaonraja B.O413801Daund
Gopalwadi B.O413801Daund
Girim B.O413801Daund
Hingniberdi B.O413801Daund
Kalewadi B.O413801Daund
Malthan B.O413801Daund
Nanvij B.O413801Daund
Shirapur B.O413801Daund
Daund S.O413801Daund
S R P F Daund S.O413801Daund
Saval B.O413133Baramati
Katfal B.O413133Baramati
MIDC Baramati S.O413133Baramati
Agoti B.O413132Indapur
Dalaj B.O413132Indapur
Loni Deokar B.O413132Indapur
Nhavi B.O413132Indapur
Palasdeo S.O413132Indapur
Chincholi B.O413130Daund
Khadaki B.O413130Daund
Madanwadi B.O413130Indapur
Malad B.O413130Daund
Nirgude B.O413130Indapur
Parwadi B.O413130Baramati
Ravangaon B.O413130Daund
Shetfalgade B.O413130Indapur
Bhigwan S.O413130Indapur
Ghotondi B.O413120Indapur
Kati B.O413120Indapur
Varkute KH B.O413120Indapur
Vyahali B.O413120Indapur
Nimgaon Ketki S.O413120Indapur
Khandaj B.O413116Baramati
Shivnagar S.O413116Baramati
Malegaon IRR Colony B.O413115Baramati
Malegaon BK S.O413115Baramati
Anthurne B.O413114Indapur
Kalamb B.O413114Indapur
Khorochi B.O413114Indapur
Nimsakhar B.O413114Indapur
Nirwangi B.O413114Indapur
Rangaon B.O413114Indapur
Redni B.O413114Indapur
Shelgaon B.O413114Indapur
Shirsatwadi B.O413114Indapur
Lasurna B.O413114NA
Walchandnagar S.O413114Indapur
Dhakale B.O413110Baramati
Kambaleshwar B.O413110Baramati
Loni Bhapkar B.O413110Baramati
Manappawasti B.O413110Baramati
Mudhale B.O413110Baramati
Shirasane B.O413110Baramati
Pandhare S.O413110Baramati
Bijawadi B.O413106Indapur
Hingangaon B.O413106Indapur
Kalashi B.O413106Indapur
Kalthan No 1 B.O413106Indapur
Vadapuri B.O413106Indapur
Indapur S.O413106Indapur
Indapur Bazar S.O413106Indapur
Rajegaon B.O413105Daund
Watluj B.O413105Daund
Kalas B.O413105Indapur
Khanote B.O413105Daund
Bhigwan R S S.O413105Indapur
Dhekalwadi B.O413104Baramati
Katyachiwadi B.O413104Baramati
Kazad B.O413104Indapur
Kuravali B.O413104Indapur
Sansar B.O413104Indapur
Sapkalwadi B.O413104Indapur
Tavshi B.O413104Indapur
Udhat B.O413104Indapur
Belawadi B.O413104Indapur
Bori B.O413104Indapur
Bhavaninagar S.O (Pune)413104Indapur
Bhandgaon B.O413103Indapur
Bhodani B.O413103Indapur
Lakhewadi B.O413103Indapur
Pimpri BK B.O413103Indapur
Surwad B.O413103Indapur
Sarati B.O413103Indapur
Shetphal Haveli B.O413103Indapur
Bawada S.O413103Indapur
Barhanpur B.O413102Baramati
Dorlewadi B.O413102Baramati
Gunawadi B.O413102Baramati
Jalgaon Kadepathar B.O413102Baramati
Karkhel B.O413102Baramati
Karawaghaj B.O413102Baramati
Malad B.O413102Baramati
Medad B.O413102Baramati
Mekhali B.O413102Baramati
Nirawaghaj B.O413102Baramati
Pimpali B.O413102Baramati
Sangvi B.O413102Baramati
Shiravali B.O413102Baramati
Shirsuphal B.O413102Baramati
Songaon B.O413102Baramati
Tandulwadi B.O413102Baramati
Undawadi K P B.O413102Baramati
Undawadi Supa B.O413102Baramati
Jhargadwadi B.O413102Baramati
Baramati Court S.O413102Baramati
Baramati H.O413102Baramati
Kolvadi B.O412412Junnar
Kandali B.O412412Junnar
Umbraj B.O412412Junnar
Vadgaon Kandali B.O412412Junnar
Pimpalwandi S.O (Pune)412412Junnar
Alephata B.O412411Junnar
Bori BK B.O412411Junnar
Rajuri B.O412411Junnar
Vadgaon Anand B.O412411Junnar
Ala S.O (Pune)412411Junnar
Ane B.O412410Junnar
Nalavane B.O412410Junnar
Mangrul B.O412410Junnar
Sakori Tarfe Belha B.O412410Junnar
Belha S.O412410Junnar
Dholwad B.O412409Junnar
Dingore B.O412409Junnar
Hivare KH B.O412409Junnar
Khubi B.O412409Junnar
Madh B.O412409Junnar
Mandave B.O412409Junnar
Netwad B.O412409Junnar
Pargaon Tarfe Madh B.O412409Junnar
Pimpalgaon Joga B.O412409Junnar
Rohokadi B.O412409Junnar
Taleran B.O412409Junnar
Udapur B.O412409Junnar
Chilewadi B.O412409Junnar
Otur S.O412409Junnar
Amondi B.O412408Ambegaon
Girawali B.O412408Ambegaon
Pimpalgaon Tarfe Ghoda B.O412408Ambegaon
Sal B.O412408Ambegaon
Ghodegaon S.O (Pune)412408Ambegaon
Lakhangaon B.O412406Ambegaon
Nirgudsar B.O412406Ambegaon
Pargaon Tarfe Avasari B.O412406Ambegaon
Avasari BK S.O412406Ambegaon
Gawadewadi B.O412405Ambegaon
Avsari KH S.O412405Ambegaon
Audar B.O412404Khed
Kohinde BK B.O412404Khed
Saburdi B.O412404Khed
Saygaon B.O412404Khed
Vetale B.O412404Khed
Washere B.O412404Khed
Kadus S.O412404Khed
Dhamari B.O412403Shirur
Kendur B.O412403Shirur
Pabal S.O412403Shirur
Avhat B.O412402Khed
Bhorgiri B.O412402Khed
Dehane B.O412402Khed
Eklahare B.O412402Khed
Kharoshi B.O412402Khed
Naiphad B.O412402Khed
Tokawade B.O412402Khed
Shirgaon B.O412402Khed
Vada S.O (Pune)412402Khed
Gunjalwadi B.O412401Junnar
Pimpalgaon Tarfa Narayangaon B.O412401Junnar
Savargaon B.O412401Junnar
Vadgaon Sahani B.O412401Junnar
Arvi S.O (Pune)412401Junnar
Tondal B.O412312Purandar
Veer S.O412312Purandar
Hargude B.O412311Purandar
Mahur B.O412311Purandar
Mandhar B.O412311Purandar
Kaldari B.O412311Purandar
Dawanewadi B.O412311Purandar
Parinche S.O412311Purandar
Uruli Devachi B.O412308Haveli
Vadki B.O412308Haveli
Phursungi S.O412308Haveli
Manjari BK B.O412307Haveli
Manjari Farm S.O412307Haveli
Hol B.O412306Baramati
Karanje B.O412306Baramati
Murum B.O412306Baramati
Waki B.O412306Baramati
Someshwarnagar S.O412306Baramati
Daundaj B.O412305Purandar
Harni B.O412305Purandar
Jeur B.O412305Purandar
Mandki B.O412305Purandar
Pingori B.O412305Purandar
Rakh B.O412305Purandar
Valha S.O412305Purandar
Murti Modhave B.O412304Baramati
Morgaon S.O412304Baramati
Belsar B.O412303Purandar
Javalarjun B.O412303Purandar
Kolvihire B.O412303Purandar
Kothale B.O412303Purandar
Mavdi Kade Pathar B.O412303Purandar
Nazare Kade Pathar B.O412303Purandar
Pandheshwar B.O412303Purandar
Pimpri B.O412303Purandar
Ranmala B.O412303Purandar
Sakurde B.O412303Purandar
Walunj B.O412303Purandar
Jejuri S.O412303Purandar
Bhivari B.O412301Purandar
Bopgaon B.O412301Purandar
Chambli B.O412301Purandar
Diwa B.O412301Purandar
Garade B.O412301Purandar
Hivare B.O412301Purandar
Khalad B.O412301Purandar
Kodit B.O412301Purandar
Pangare B.O412301Purandar
Panawadi B.O412301Purandar
Pimple B.O412301Purandar
Shivari B.O412301Purandar
Sonari B.O412301Purandar
Vanpuri B.O412301Purandar
Bhivadi B.O412301Purandar
Saswad S.O412301Purandar
Sopannagar S.O412301Purandhar
Karegaon B.O412220Shirur
Nimgaon Bhogi B.O412220Shirur
MIDC Ranjangaon Ganpati S.O412220Shirur
Kangaon B.O412219Daund
Kusgaon B.O412219Daund
Roti B.O412219Daund
Patas B.O412219Daund
Madhukarnagar Patas S.O412219Daund
Taklihaji B.O412218Shirur
Amdabad B.O412218Shirur
Chincholi B.O412218Shirur
Kanhur B.O412218Shirur
Kawtha B.O412218Shirur
Malthan S.O412218Shirur
Lonikand B.O412216Haveli
Fulgaon B.O412216Haveli
Perne B.O412216Haveli
Pimpri Sandas B.O412216Haveli
Vadhu BK B.O412216Haveli
Koregaon Bhima S.O412216Haveli
Kadethan B.O412215Daund
Varvand S.O412215Daund
Yavat R S B.O412214Daund
Bhandgaon B.O412214Daund
Delwadi B.O412214Daund
Kasurdi B.O412214Daund
Khamgaon BK B.O412214Daund
Nathachi Wadi B.O412214Daund
Rahu Pimpalgaon B.O412214Daund
Yavat S.O412214Daund
Tambad B.O412213Bhor
Ambavane B.O412213Bhor
Dapode B.O412213Bhor
Degaon B.O412213Bhor
Gunjawane B.O412213Bhor
Hatve BK B.O412213Bhor
Jambhali BK B.O412213Bhor
Kamthadi B.O412213Bhor
Karandi Khedebare B.O412213Bhor
Karanjawane B.O412213Bhor
Kelawade B.O412213Bhor
Kolwadi B.O412213Bhor
Kurungwadi B.O412213Bhor
Manjal Asani B.O412213Bhor
Margasni B.O412213Bhor
Sakhar B.O412213Bhor
Winzer B.O412213Velhe
Wangani B.O412213Velhe
Nasrapur S.O412213Bhor
Antroli B.O412212Velhe
Kodapur B.O412212Velhe
Pabe B.O412212Velhe
Varoti BK B.O412212Velhe
Velhe S.O412212Velhe
Alegaon B.O412211Shirur
Amble B.O412211Shirur
Andhalgaon B.O412211Shirur
Chinchani Camp B.O412211Shirur
Ganegaon Dumala B.O412211Shirur
Mandavgan Farata B.O412211Shirur
Ranjangaon Sandas B.O412211Shiurur
Sadalgaon B.O412211Shirur
Tandali B.O412211Shirur
Uralgaon B.O412211Shirur
Vadgaon Rasai B.O412211Shirur
Nhavare S.O412211Shirur
Golegaon B.O412210Shirur
Karda B.O412210Shirur
Inamgaon B.O412210Shirur
Nimone B.O412210Shirur
Nirvi B.O412210Shirur
Shirasgaonkata B.O412210Shirur
Shirur S.O (Pune)412210Shirur
Bhamburde B.O412209Shirur
Ganegaon Khalasa B.O412209Shirur
Karanjawane B.O412209Shirur
Kondhapuri B.O412209Shirur
Nimgaon Mahalungi B.O412209Shirur
Varude B.O412209Shirur
Ranjangaon Ganpati S.O412209Shirur
Burunjwadi B.O412208Shirur
Dhanore B.O412208Shirur
Hivare B.O412208Shirur
Jategaon BK B.O412208Shirur
Karandi B.O412208Shirur
Mukhai B.O412208Shirur
Sanaswadi B.O412208Shirur
Takali Bhima B.O412208Shirur
Vithalwadi B.O412208Shirur
Kasari B.O412208Shirur
Talegaon Dhamdhere S.O412208Shirur
Shikrapur S.O412208Shirur
Ashtapur B.O412207Haveli
Dahitane B.O412207Haveli
Kesnand B.O412207Haveli
Koregaon Bhivar B.O412207Haveli
Rahu B.O412207Daund
Telewadi B.O412207Daund
Vadebholhai B.O412207Haveli
Walki B.O412207Daund
Vagholi S.O412207Haveli
Hirdoshi B.O412206Bhor
Jogwadi B.O412206Bhor
Karandi BK B.O412206Bhor
Kari B.O412206Bhor
Karnawad B.O412206Bhor
Khanapur B.O412206Bhor
Male B.O412206Bhor
Mahude BK B.O412206Bhor
Malewadi B.O412206Bhor
Natambi B.O412206Bhor
Nere B.O412206Bhor
Nazare B.O412206Bhor
Pangari B.O412206Bhor
Pasure B.O412206Bhor
Pisavare B.O412206Bhor
Rayari B.O412206Bhor
Sangamner B.O412206Bhor
Sangavi B.O412206Bhor
Shind B.O412206Bhor
Shirgaon B.O412206Bhor
Titeghar B.O412206Bhor
Utroli B.O412206Bhor
Vadgaon Dalache B.O412206Bhor
Varodi KH B.O412206Bhor
Venavadi B.O412206Bhor
Velvand B.O412206Bhor
Ambade B.O412206Bhor
Ambavade B.O412206Bhor
Ambeghar B.O412206Bhor
Apti B.O412206Bhor
Bazarwadi B.O412206Bhor
Bari BK B.O412206Bhor
Bhutonde B.O412206Bhor
Chikhalgaon B.O412206Bhor
Kanakwadi B.O412206Bhor
Harnas B.O412206Bhor
Bhor S.O412206Bhor
Khed Shivapur B.O412205Haveli
Anantnagar Nigade B.O412205Bhor
Alande B.O412205Bhor
Arvi(Haveli) B.O412205Haveli
Bhongavali B.O412205Bhor
Dhangavadi B.O412205Bhor
Gogalwadi(E) B.O412205Haveli
Kalyan B.O412205Haveli
Kapurhol B.O412205Bhor
Kenjal B.O412205Bhor
Ketkavale B.O412205Purandhar
Kikvi B.O412205Bhor
Kondhanpur B.O412205Haveli
Kusgaon B.O412205Bhor
Nhavi B.O412205Bhor
Sarole B.O412205Bhor
Shindewadi B.O412205Bhor
Shivare B.O412205Bhor
Taparewadi B.O412205Bhor
Varye BK B.O412205Bhor
Velu B.O412205Bhor
Khed Shivapur Baug S.O412205Haveli
Babhurdi B.O412204Baramati
Bhondave Wadi B.O412204Baramati
Karhati B.O412204Baramati
Supa S.O (Pune)412204Baramati
Bet Narayan Maharaj B.O412203Daund
Bori Paradhi B.O412203Daund
Galandwadi B.O412203Daund
Khopodi B.O412203Daund
Khor B.O412203Daund
Khutbhav B.O412203Daund
Nangaon B.O412203Daund
Pargaon B.O412203Daund
Padvi B.O412203Daund
Dapodi B.O412203Daund
Kedgaon S.O (Pune)412203Daund
Bori Aindi B.O412202Daund
Kamdhenunagar B.O412202Haveli
Koregaon Mul B.O412202Haveli
Sahajpurwadi B.O412202Haveli
Shriprayagdham B.O412202Haveli
Shindavane B.O412202Haveli
Urulikanchan S.O412202Haveli
Alandi Chorachi B.O412201Haveli
Kadam Wak Wasti B.O412201Haveli
Kunjirwadi B.O412201Haveli
Loni Kalbhor S.O412201Haveli
Ambarvet B.O412115Mulshi
Andgaon B.O412115Mulshi
Bhugaon B.O412115Mulshi
Bhukum B.O412115Mulshi
Ghotavade B.O412115Mulshi
Khamboli B.O412115Mulshi
Kolawade B.O412115Mulshi
Lawale B.O412115Mulshi
Muthe B.O412115Mulshi
Rihe B.O412115Mulshi
Uravade B.O412115Mulshi
Sangrun B.O412115Haveli
Pirangut S.O412115Mulshi
Dasve Lavasa S.O412112Mulshi
Naygaon B.O412110Haveli
Kolwadi B.O412110Haveli
Theur S.O412110Haveli
Sadumbre B.O412109Haveli
Dehu S.O412109Haveli
Kondhawale B.O412108Mulshi
Kule B.O412108Mulshi
Male B.O412108Mulshi
Nandgaon B.O412108Mulshi
Pomgaon B.O412108Mulshi
Shere B.O412108Mulshi
Belawade B.O412108Mulshi
Bhadas B.O412108Mulshi
Kashing B.O412108Mulshi
Khechare B.O412108Mulshi
Kolwan B.O412108Mulshi
Paud S.O412108Mulshi
Rule B.O412107Velhe
Shirkoli B.O412107Velhe
Tav B.O412107Mulshi
Kadve B.O412107Velhe
Kambegi B.O412107Velhe
Kashedi B.O412107Velhe
Kuran BK B.O412107Velhe
Mangaon B.O412107Velhe
Mose KH B.O412107Velhe
Panshet S.O412107Mulshi
Inglun B.O412106Maval
Vadeshwar B.O412106Maval
Kanhe B.O412106Maval
Khandi B.O412106Maval
Sate B.O412106Maval
Bhoyare B.O412106Maval
Takawe BK B.O412106Maval
Vadgaon S.O (Pune)412106Maval
Charoli BK B.O412105Khed
Chimbli B.O412105Khed
Dhanore B.O412105Khed
Markal B.O412105Khed
Moshi B.O412105Haveli
Solu B.O412105Khed
Alandi Devachi S.O412105Khed
Waghapur B.O412104Purandar
Gurholi B.O412104Purandar
Malshiras B.O412104Purandar
Naygaon B.O412104Purandar
Pargaon Memane B.O412104Purandar
Pisarve B.O412104Purandar
Rajuri B.O412104Purandar
Tekawade B.O412104Purandar
Rajewadi S.O412104Purandar
Korhale BK B.O412103Baramati
Korhale KH B.O412103Baramati
Late B.O412103Baramati
Vadgaon Nimbalkar S.O412103Baramati
Gulunche B.O412102Purandar
Khandobachi Wadi B.O412102Baramati
Nimbut B.O412102Baramati
Nira R S S.O412102Baramati
Ravet B.O412101Haveli
Kiwale B.O412101Haveli
Salumbre B.O412101Maval
Dehu Road Cantt S.O412101Haveli
Cod Dehu Road S.O412101Haveli
Ordnance Factory Dehu Road S.O412101Haveli
Nanded S.O (Pune)411068Haveli
Aundh S.O (Pune)411067Haveli
Talawade B.O411062Haveli
Chikhali S.O411062Haveli
Rupeenagar S.O411062Haveli
Pimple Gurav S.O411061Haveli
Mohamadwadi S.O411060Pune City
Warje S.O411058Pune City
Marunji B.O411057Mulashi
Wakad B.O411057Pune City
Maan SO411057Haveli
Infotech  Park (Hinjawadi) S.O411057Haveli
Karvenagar S.O411052Pune City
Navsahyadri S.O411052Pune City
Anandnagar S.O (Pune)411051Pune City
Kondhwa BK B.O411048Pune City
Khondhwa KH B.O411048Pune City
Kondhwa Lh B.O411048Pune City
N I B M S.O411048Pune City
Vadgaon Shinde B.O411047Pune City
Lohogaon S.O411047Pune City
Ambegaon BK B.O411046Haveli
Katraj S.O411046Pune City
Baner Gaon B.O411045Haveli
N.I.A. S.O411045Pune City
P.C.N.T. S.O411044Pune City
Yamunanagar S.O411044Pune City
Dhankawadi S.O411043Pune City
Bhavani Peth S.O411042Pune City
Ghorpade Peth S.O411042Pune City
Guruwar Peth S.O411042Pune City
Swargate S.O411042Pune City
Swargate Chowk S.O411042Pune City
Dhayari B.O411041Haveli
Nanded B.O411041Haveli
Vadgaon Budruk S.O411041Pune City
Sinhgad Technical Education Society411041Haveli
Wanowarie S.O411040Pune City
Bhosarigoan S.O411039Pune City
Ex. Serviceman Colony S.O411038Pune City
Kothrud S.O411038Pune City
Bhusari Colony S.O411038Pune City
Market Yard S.O (Pune)411037Pune City
Salisbury Park S.O411037Pune City
T.V. Nagar S.O411037Pune City
Bibvewadi S.O411037Pune City
Mundhva B.O411036Haveli
Mundhva AV S.O411036Haveli
Akurdi S.O411035Pune City
Kasarwadi S.O411034Pune City
Jambhe B.O411033Mulshi
Punawale B.O411033Pune City
Thathawade B.O411033Pune City
Thergaon B.O411033Pune City
Chinchwadgaon S.O411033Pune City
Iaf Station S.O411032Pune City
Vidyanagar S.O (Pune)411032Pune City
Airport S.O (Pune)411032Pune City
C M E S.O411031Pune City
Lokmanyanagar S.O411030Pune City
Narayan Peth S.O411030Pune City
Rashtra Bhasha Bhavan S.O411030Pune City
Sadashiv Peth S.O411030Pune City
Shaniwar Peth S.O (Pune)411030Pune City
S.P. College S.O411030Pune City
Gondhale Nagar S.O411028Pune
Sasanenagar S.O411028Pune City
Hadapsar S.O411028Pune City
Sangavi S.O411027Pune City
Aundh Camp S.O411027NA
Indrayaninagar S.O411026Pune City
Bhosari I.E. S.O411026Pune City
Donje B.O411025Haveli
Khanapur Haveli B.O411025Haveli
Osade B.O411025Haveli
Ranjane B.O411025Haveli
Vardade B.O411025Haveli
I.A.T S.O411025Haveli
Khadakwasla R.S. S.O411024Pune City
Kudje B.O411023Haveli
Mandvi BK B.O411023Haveli
Shivane B.O411023Haveli
Uttamnagar B.O411023Haveli
N.D.A. Khadakwasla S.O411023Pune City
Srpf S.O411022Pune City
Bavdhan B.O411021Haveli
Sus B.O411021Haveli
Armament S.O411021Pune City
Botanical Garden S.O (Pune)411020Pune City
Range Hills S.O411020Pune City
M.Phulenagar S.O411019Haveli
Chinchwad East S.O411019Pune City
Nehrunagar S.O (Pune)411018Haveli
Masulkar Colony S.O411018Pune City
Pimpri P F S.O411018Pune City
Kalewadi B.O411017Pune City
Pimpri Waghire S.O411017Pune City
Pimpri Colony S.O411017Pune City
Gokhalenagar B.O411016Haveli
Govt. Polytechnic S.O411016Pune City
Model Colony S.O411016Pune City
Shivaji Housing Society S.O411016Pune City
Dhanori B.O411015Pune City
Vishrantwadi S.O411015Haveli
Dighi Camp S.O411015Pune City
9 DRD B.O411014Pune City
Viman nagar S.O411014Pune
Vadgaon Sheri S.O411014Pune City
Dukirkline S.O411014Pune City
Hadpsar I.E. S.O411013Pune City
Dapodi S.O411012Pune City
Dapodi Bazar S.O411012Pune City
Kasba Peth S.O411011Pune City
Mangalwar Peth S.O (Pune)411011Pune City
Rasta Peth S.O411011Pune City
Parvati S.O411009Pune City
Parvati Gaon S.O411009Pune City
Baner Road S.O411008Pune City
N.C.L. Pune S.O411008Pune City
Aundh B.O411007Haveli
Aundh T.S. S.O411007Pune City
Ganeshkhind S.O411007Pune City
Yerwada T.S.411006Haveli
Yerwada S.O411006Pune City
Congress House Road S.O411005Pune City
S.S.C.Exam Board S.O411005Pune City
Shivajinagar S.O (Pune)411005Pune City
Shivajinagar H.O411005Haveli
A.R. Shala S.O411004Pune City
Deccan Gymkhana S.O411004Pune City
Film Institute S.O411004Pune City
East Khadki S.O411003Haveli
H.E. Factory S.O411003Pune City
Khadki S.O411003Pune City
Khadki Bazar S.O411003Pune City
Ammunition Factory Khadki S.O411003Pune City
Bajirao Road S.O411002Pune City
Nana Peth S.O411002Pune City
Raviwar Peth S.O411002Pune City
Shukrawar Peth S.O (Pune)411002Pune City
Pune City H.O411002Pune City
Pune H.O411001Pune City
N.W. College S.O411001Pune City
Pune Cantt East S.O411001Pune City
Pune New Bazar S.O411001Pune City
Sachapir Street S.O411001Pune City
C D A (O) S.O411001Pune City
Dr.B.A. Chowk S.O411001Pune City
Ghorpuri Bazar S.O411001Pune City
Gangapur KH B.O410516Ambegaon
Shinoli S.O410516Ambegaon
Chas B.O410515Ambegaon
Sakore B.O410515Ambegaon
Mahalunge Padwal B.O410515Ambegaon
Kalamb S.O (Pune)410515Ambegaon
Kadadhe B.O410513Khed
Tiwai Hills B.O410513Khed
Bibi B.O410513Khed
Chas S.O (Pune)410513Khed
Karegaon B.O410512Khed
Kurwandi B.O410512Ambegaon
Pargaon Tarfe Khed B.O410512Khed
Thugaon B.O410512Ambegaon
Peth S.O (Pune)410512Khed
Kuran B.O410511Junnar
Shiroli B K S.O410511Junnar
Vadgaon Peer B.O410510Ambegaon
Savindane B.O410510Shirur
Loni Dhamani S.O410510Ambegaon
Adivare B.O410509Ambegaon
Asane B.O410509Ambegaon
Bhimashankar B.O410509Khed
Bhorghar B.O410509Ambegaon
Gohe BK B.O410509Ambegaon
Jambhori B.O410509Ambegaon
Kondhwal B.O410509Ambegaon
Kushire BK B.O410509Ambegaon
Phulawade B.O410509Ambegaon
Pokhari B.O410509Ambegaon
Rajpur B.O410509Ambegaon
Taleghar B.O410509Ambegaon
Tirpad B.O410509Ambegaon
Dimbhe Colony S.O410509Ambegaon
Dhamani S.O410508Ambegaon
Ambi B.O410507Maval
Ambale B.O410507Maval
Induri B.O410507Maval
Umbre Navlakh B.O410507Maval
Varale B.O410507Maval
Vishnupuri B.O410507Mawal
Talegaon G H S.O410507Mawal
Adhale BK B.O410506Maval
Bebedhol B.O410506Maval
Chandkhed B.O410506Maval
Dhamane B.O410506Maval
Kasarsai B.O410506Mulshi
Shiavane B.O410506Maval
Urse B.O410506Maval
Talegaon Dabhade S.O410506Maval
Ordanance Dep Talegaon Dabhade S.O410506Mawal
Shiroli B.O410505Khed
Amboli B.O410505Khed
Chinchoshi B.O410505Khed
Dawadi B.O410505Khed
Donda B.O410505Khed
Ghotawadi B.O410505Khed
Gulani B.O410505Khed
Kanhersar B.O410505Khed
Kiwale B.O410505Khed
Kude BK B.O410505Khed
Kurkundi B.O410505Khed
Nimgaon Khed B.O410505Khed
Pait B.O410505Khed
Palu B.O410505Khed
Pimpri BK B.O410505Khed
Retwadi B.O410505Khed
Sandbhorwadi(Exptl) B.O410505Khed
Vaphgaon B.O410505Khed
Varude B.O410505Khed
Yeniye BK B.O410505Khed
Rajgurunagar S.O410505Khed
Hivare BK B.O410504Junnar
Jambhut B.O410504Shirur
Khamundi B.O410504Junnar
Khodad B.O410504Junnar
Nimgaon Sava B.O410504Junnar
Ozar B.O410504Junnar
Pargaon Tarfe Ala B.O410504Junnar
Pimparkhed B.O410504Shirur
Pimpri Pendhar B.O410504Junnar
Ranjani B.O410504Ambegaon
Valati B.O410504Ambegaon
Yedgaon B.O410504Junnar
Narayangaon S.O410504Junnar
Landewadi B.O410503Ambegaon
Narodi B.O410503Ambegaon
Pimpalgaon Mahalunge B.O410503Ambegaon
Vadgaon Kashimbeg B.O410503Ambegaon
Chandoli BK B.O410503Ambegaon
Manchar S.O410503Ambegaon
Amboli B.O410502Junnar
Anjanavale B.O410502Junnar
Aptale B.O410502Junnar
Ballalwadi B.O410502Junnar
Chavand B.O410502Junnar
Devale B.O410502Junnar
Godre B.O410502Junnar
Inglun B.O410502Junnar
Khadkumbe(Exptl) B.O410502Junnar
Khamgaon B.O410502Junnar
Khanapur B.O410502Junnar
Khangaon B.O410502Junnar
Kusur B.O410502Junnar
Manikdoh B.O410502Junnar
Nimgiri B.O410502Junnar
Nirgude B.O410502Junnar
Parunde B.O410502Junnar
Rajur B.O410502Junnar
Tambe B.O410502Junnar
Utchil B.O410502Junnar
Vadaj B.O410502Junnar
Yenere B.O410502Junnar
Junnar S.O410502Junnar
Ambethan B.O410501Khed
Bahul B.O410501Khed
Bhose B.O410501Khed
Gadad B.O410501Khed
Kalus B.O410501Khed
Koyali B.O410501Khed
Kuruli B.O410501Khed
Mahalunge Ingale B.O410501Khed
Pimpalgaon Tarfe Chakan B.O410501Khed
Rase B.O410501Khed
Shive B.O410501Khed
Vadgaon Ghenanad B.O410501Khed
Vasuli B.O410501Khed
Waki BK B.O410501Khed
Nighoje B.O410501Khed
Khalumbre B.O410501Khed
Chakan S.O410501Khed
Shivali B.O410406Maval
Pawananagar S.O410406Mawal
Karunj B.O410405Maval
Karanjgaon B.O410405Maval
Karla B.O410405Maval
Malawali B.O410405Maval
Nane B.O410405Maval
Takave KH B.O410405Maval
Vehergaon B.O410405Maval
Kamshet S.O410405Maval
Kaivalyadham S.O410403Maval
Kurwande B.O410402Maval
Ins Shivaji Lonavale S.O410402Mawal
Ambavane B.O410401Maval
Kusgaon BK B.O410401Maval
Lonavala S.O410401Maval
Lonavala Bazar S.O410401Maval
R P T S Khandala S.O410302Maval
Khandala S.O410301Maval

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