Boat Mumbai to Alibaug

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Many services like M2M, Regular Ferry, Speedboat (which you can look at this site for more info), and Uber service take you to Mandwa, Alibaug, Elephanta Island, and Gateway of India. I have explained each of these below. Uber Boat Mumbai to Alibaug

1. Many  boats are  serving on this route, which costs less

Boat Ticket Cost From Mumbai (Gateway Of India) To Alibaug.

Ajanta 135
PNP Maritime Services 185 215
Maldar Catamarans 150 195 215
Apollo Catamaran 150 195 150
Maldar Catamaran bus timing from Alibaug, Mandwa, and Gateway
Maldar Catamaran bus timing from Alibaug, Mandwa, and Gateway

2.  M2M Ferries

M2M Ferrie services have started, which connects Mumbai to Mandwa. It is a Big boat that can even ferry cars and bikes across to Mandwa. This is a modern and comfortable service. The Maharashtra Maritime Board and the Mumbai Port Trust support the M2M Ferries. The service cuts the 5 hours of road travel of around 110 km to just 1 hour by sea route and is available all year round.

Online booking can be made – at

Cost for Service

  • Rs. 400 for Adults
  • Car cost depends on the type of car and starts with a min of Rs.1020 for a small car. The average price for four-wheelers is around Rs. 1200
  • Rs.210 for a wheeler
  • Rs.310 for Pets
  • Rs.110 for Cycles
  • Rs.3300 for Buses
Ro ro ferry cost

3. Uber

Uber, the world’s largest car-sharing company, has launched the Uber Boat service in Mumbai. This is in partnership with Maharashtra Maritime Board. The service will provide boat service from 3 of the city’s famous coastal routes, i.e., Gateway of India, Elephanta Islands, and Mandwa Jetty (Alibaug). Customers can avail of two variants of Uber Boat with a 6-8 seater seating capacity for Uber Boat and a 10+ seater for Uber Boat XL. The Uber Boat will be best-in-class safety functionalities, including lifejackets, emergency contact details, printed collaterals, and manual highlighting safety instructions. The rides will cost INR 5,700/- for Uber Boat (6-8 seater speed boat) and INR 9,500/- for Uber Boat XL (10+ seater speed boat) for all the active routes. The service can be availed by booking through your Uber app. The ride takes around 20min versus the regular boat ride, which takes between 45min to and 1 hour.
Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India
The Gateway of India and boats as seen from the Mumbai Harbour in Mumbai, India
Conclusion – There are many services for passengers to go to Mandwa (Aibaug) from Mumbai (Gateway of India). With the introduction of the M2M Ferry service, it is now possible for you to take your car and bike along. This makes it very Tourist friendly for families who want to travel in their vehicle. Alibaug is a famous tourist location in Mumbai and can be visited at any time of the year. Also Read: Beaches in Mumbai

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