Vasai Virar Bus Transport Service

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VVMT (Vasai Virar Municipal Transport)  has 50+ Bus Routes, and around 800+ bus stops. It is a Public Bus transport which operates bus in the below Bus routes.

Route NO.Bus FromBus toStart TimeFrequencyEnd Time
101Vasai (E)Sativali05:1010 Minutes23:45
101SativaliVasai (E)05:3510 Minutes00:10
102Vasai (E)Vasai Phata05:1510 Minutes23:50
102Vasai PhataVasai (E)05:4010 Minutes00:15
103Vasai (E)Evershine City05:2020 Minutes22:05
103Evershine CityVasai (E)05:4020 Minutes22:25
104Vasai (E )Nalasopara(E )05:4520 Minutes22:45
104Nalasopara(E )Vasai (E )06:1520 Minutes23:10
105Vasai (E )Gaurai Pada06:0030 Minutes21:40
105Gaurai PadaVasai (E )06:2030 Minutes22:05
106Vasai (E )Bapa Sitaram05:3530 Minutes21:25
106Bapa SitaramVasai (E )06:0530 Minutes22:00
107Vasai (E )Gass School07:00School Tripe11:00
107Gass SchoolVasai (E )12:30School Tripe05:30
108Vasai (E )Nirmal School07:00School Tripe11:00
108Nirmal SchoolVasai (E )12:30School Tripe05:30
111Tahasil OfficeMulund05:0060 Minutes20:15
111MulundTahasil Office06:4560 Minutes22:50
112Vasai (W )Vasai Killa05:0010 Minutes22:10
112Vasai KillaVasai (W )05:2510 Minutes22:35
112Vasai (W )Vasai Killa (N/O)22:3010 Minutes05:00
112Vasai Killa (N/O)Vasai (W )22:5510 Minutes05:25
113Vasai (W)Pachubundar05:3030 Minutes20:30
113PachubundarVasai (W)06:0030 Minutes21:00
114Vasai (W)Holi Bazar04:2020 Minutes22:15
114Holi BazarVasai (W)04:4520 Minutes22:40
115Vasai (W )Mukti Wadi05:0030 Minutes21:25
115Mukti WadiVasai (W )05:3030 Minutes21:50
116Vasai PhataBhaskar Ali07:00School Tripe11:00
116Bhaskar AliVasai Phata12:30School Tripe05:30
117Tahasil OfficeNaigaon (E )05:4520 Minutes22:30
117Naigaon (E )Tahasil Office04:5020 Minutes23:00
119Vasai (W )BhuiGaon04:2020 Minutes22:30
119BhuiGaonVasai (W )04:5020 Minutes23:00
119Vasai (W )BhuiGaon (N/O)23:0060 Minutes03:40
119BhuiGaon (N/O)Vasai (W )23:3060 Minutes04:20
122Naigaon (E )Boidapada06:0030 Minutes22:30
122BoidapadaNaigaon (E )06:3030 Minutes23:00
123Naigaon (E )Bafane Highway06:0030 Minutes22:30
123Bafane HighwayNaigaon (E )06:2030 Minutes23:00
124Tahasil OfficeAmbadi05:0060 Minutes20:20
124AmbadiTahasil Office06:4060 Minutes21:45
202Nalasopara (E )Vasai Phata05:1010 Minutes00:55
202Vasai PhataNalasopara (E )05:3510 Minutes01:20
202Nalasopara (E )Nalasopara Phata (N/O)01:3030 Minutes05:00
202Nalasopara Phata (N/O)Nalasopara (E )01:5530 Minutes05:25
203Nalasopara (E )Nirmal School07:00School Tripe11:00
203Nirmal SchoolNalasopara (E )12:30School Tripe05:30
204Nalasopara (E )Gass School07:00School Tripe11:00
204Gass SchoolNalasopara (E )12:00School Tripe05:30
205Nalasopara (E )Virar ( E)06:0015 Minutes22:40
205Virar ( E)Nalasopara (E )06:2015 Minutes23:05
207Nalasopara (E )Sativali Naka07:3010 Minutes10:00
207Sativali NakaNalasopara (E )05:3010 Minutes21:30
212Nalasopara (E )Thane06:0030 Minutes20:00
212ThaneNalasopara (E )07:0030 Minutes21:50
213Nalasopara (E )Gaurai Pada06:3015 Minutes23:10
213Gaurai PadaNalasopara (E )07:0015 Minutes23:35
301Virar (E )Jivdani06:0030 Minutes19:30
301JivdaniVirar (E )06:3030 Minutes20:00
302Virar (E )Fulpada06:0030 Minutes00:40
302FulpadaVirar (E )06:2030 Minutes01:00
302Virar (E )Fulpada (N/O)01:0045 Minutes05:30
302Fulpada (N/O)Virar (E )01:2045 Minutes06:00
303Virar (E )Shirsad Phata04:3010 Minutes22:50
303Shirsad PhataVirar (E )05:0510 Minutes23:35
303Virar (E )Shirsad Phata (N/O)23:0030 Minutes04:00
303Shirsad Phata (N/O)Virar (E )23:3530 Minutes04:35
304Virar (E )Sativali Naka07:0030 Minutes19:00
304Sativali NakaVirar (E )08:0030 Minutes20:25
305Virar (E )Gurudatt Nagar06:3015 Minutes22:10
305Gurudatt NagarVirar (E )06:4515 Minutes22:30
306Virar (E )Vasai Tahsil05:3030 Minutes21:00
306Vasai TahsilVirar (E )06:4030 Minutes22:15
308Virar (E )Ambadi06:0030 Minutes19:00
308AmbadiVirar (E )07:1530 Minutes20:15
321Virar (W )Arnala05:3010 Minutes23:30
321ArnalaVirar (W )06:0010 Minutes00:00
321Virar (W )Arnala (N/O)00:0030 Minutes05:00
321Arnala (N/O)Virar (W )00:3030 Minutes05:30
322Virar (W )Arnala07:00School Tripe11:00
322ArnalaVirar (W )12:30School Tripe05:30
323Virar (W )Navpur05:3030 Minutes21:00
323NavpurVirar (W )06:0030 Minutes21:30
324Virar (W )Satpala05:4030 Minutes22:30
324SatpalaVirar (W )05:0030 Minutes22:50
325Virar (W )Padmavati Nagar06:0030 Minutes10:00
325Padmavati NagarVirar (W )06:3030 Minutes10:30
251Nalasopara (W)Kalam Rajodi05:2020 Minutes23:30
251Kalam RajodiNalasopara (W)06:0020 Minutes00:00
251Nalasopara (W)Kalam Rajodi (N/O)00:0030 Minutes05:00
251Kalam Rajodi (N/O)Nalasopara (W)00:3030 Minutes05:30
252Nalasopara (W)Bhuigaon Nirmal05:2520 Minutes23:30
252Bhuigaon NirmalNalasopara (W)06:0020 Minutes00:00
252Nalasopara (W)Bhuigaon Nirmal (N/O)00:0030 Minutes05:00
252Bhuigaon Nirmal (N/O)Nalasopara (W)00:3030 Minutes05:30
253Nalasopara (W)Nala05:5020 Minutes23:10
253NalaNalasopara (W)06:1520 Minutes23:35
253Nalasopara (W)Nala (N/O)00:0030 Minutes05:00
253Nala (N/O)Nalasopara (W)00:3030 Minutes05:30
256Nalasopara (W)Bhuigaon Gass05:2520 Minutes23:30
256Bhuigaon GassNalasopara (W)06:0020 Minutes00:00
256Nalasopara (W)Bhuigaon Gass (N/O)00:0030 Minutes05:00
256Bhuigaon Gass (N/O)Nalasopara (W)00:3030 Minutes05:30

For an Updated List, you can visit the Official site of Vasai Virar Municipal Transport VVMT.

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