Lonavala Bushy Dam

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Lonavala Bhushi Dam is situated in Lonavala. Maharashtra. It’s around 92 KM from Mumbai and 62 KM from Pune. It’s about 5 KM from Lonavala Maharashtra State Transport Bus Stand and around 6 km from Lonavala railway station.


The dam was built around 1860, and the water was to be used for the steam engines for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway.

The water from this dam was pumped through cast iron pipes to Lonavala and Khandala for these railways.

Lonavala Bushy Dam

The fluffy water is as white as snow when the Dam overflows during monsoon.

Lonavala Bushy Dam
Water Flowing from Bushy Dam Lonavala
tum tum at Lonavala

Most hotels in Lonavala are around 2 to 7 KM from Bushy Dam. We were staying at Lion Den Hotel, Tungarli Road in Lonavala.

Your private car is the best way to reach the Dam; however, you can take local Auto Rickshaws.

You may need to bargain in case you feel they are overcharging you. The best way to know the correct rate is to ask the Auto Driver or your hotel the distance from where you are to take the Auto and where you want to go. Ideally, the distance within 5 KM should be Rs.400

The big Autos (6-seaters) are called Tum Tum; they charge Rs.60 to Rs.70 per seat.

Bushy Dam is the most popular and exciting place for tourists to visit, especially during the monsoon season, as this is when the dam overflows.

People can sit in between the overflow as the water flows downhill. It’s an exciting experience.

Lonavala Bushy Dam

To reach the Dam, you must cross a pool of water about 2 feet deep.

Ahead of the Dam, you can continue walking uphill, where you will reach the peak.

It’s not very difficult to reach the peak, and the view from the top of this peak is simply enchanting. (Pictures to come soon).

Most people stop at the dam, but please continue uphill about 100 meters; you will love it.

All through the way, you will see small sheds with people selling hot food items like Wada Pav, Roasted corn (bhutta), Peanuts, Boiled eggs, etc.

Try some of these; this way, you will help the locals with their livelihood.

Lonavala Bushy Dam
Vendor selling Peanuts

Lonavala Bushy Dam
Vendor Selling Corn

It would be best to visit the Famous Ekvira Devi Temple, close to Lonavala.

Things to keep in mind

1. Wear trekking or sports shoes and NOT slippers or sandals.

2. Old individuals may carry a stick in their hand to give support or may be supported by a family member.

3. Avoid wearing Sari and tight clothes.

4. Wear a wind sheeter or a Raincoat instead of an umbrella if visiting in monsoon season. This will keep your hands free for ease of balancing.

5. I suggest ladies travel in groups and not alone as some people come drunk.

6. Carry a camera, preferably a digital one (not a phone one). You will regret not carrying a camera when you reach the Dam.

7. Travel in your car if possible, as the Dam and other places in Lonavala may be far.

8. Do not venture too close to the Dam water as it can be dangerous.

9. Do not visit the Dam after consuming Alcohol.

10. Respect other tourists—especially those from outside Maharastra and India.

11. There have been several drowning incidents, so avoid going close to the water.

Enjoy your experience at Bushy Dam. The next best spot I would suggest is Ekvira Temple, situated at the tip of a vast mountain.

Lonavala Bushy Dam

Lonavala Bushy Dam
Water Flowing from Bushy Dam Lonavala

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