Maharashtra Day 1st May

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Maharashtra day – We all know that May 1st is another holiday, but how many of us really know the reason for this holiday?

For many people, it’s a tricky question. Their answer varies from a dry day, Shivaji Maharaja’s birthday, or simply the beginning of summer vacation.

Maharastra Day celebrated on 1st May

But the real reason lies in the formation of our State Maharashtra. This day is celebrated as ‘Maharashtra Day’ or ‘Maharashtra Divas.’

This day is also celebrated as ‘International Workers Day or Labour Day.

An act was passed in the year 1956 called the States Recognition Act, which defined boundaries for the Indian States based on the language spoken.

This led to the formation of the ‘Bombay State,’ where languages such as Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, and Kutchi were spoken.

The ‘Sanyuktha Maharashtra Samiti’ further divided the Bombay State into two states – Gujarat composed of Gujarati and Kutchi speaking crowds and Maharashtra composed of Marathi and Konkani speaking crowds.

The formation of the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat thus occurred according to the Bombay Recognition Act 1960 enacted by the Parliament of India on April 25th, 1960.

maharashtra day

The act came into effect on May 1st, 1960, hence the reason for the Annual Celebration.

The Government of Maharashtra declares a holiday every year, which applies to all the offices and companies under the jurisdiction of the State, schools, and colleges.

Every year a parade is held at Shivaji Park, where the Governor of Maharashtra makes a speech. A large crowd attends the parade. Liquor sales to Indians are banned on this day across Maharashtra.

The Golden Jubilee Celebrations for Maharashtra Day were conducted on May 1st, 2011, across the State.

Apart from the annual parades, locals also celebrate this day with much zeal and passion. You can find many people across the State participating in musical rallies wearing a saffron turban and white kurtas.

At the same time, women are dressed up in their traditional best attire and jewelry.

People riding bullet motorcycles waving a saffron flag have become synonymous with Maharashtra Day and Nashik Dhol’s beats.

About Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the biggest states of India and occupies a large portion of the Deccan plain in the westerly peninsular section of the subcontinent. Its appearance somewhat resembles a triangular share, with 450 miles i.e 725 km west coast forming a base and its inside narrowing to an apex about 500 miles i.e 800 km on the east.

Maharashtra state is surrounded by the Indian states of Gujarat to the north-west, Madhya Pradesh state to the north, Chhattisgarh state to the east, Telangana state to the southeast, Karnataka state to the south, and Goa state to the south-west and the union territory namely Dadra and Nagar Haveli including the Arabian Sea to its west.

Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) is the capital of Maharashtra and is an island town on the west coast that is connected to the mainland by roads and railways. Know as the Gateway of India, Maharashtra state is India’s biggest commercial and industrial capital and has played an important role in the nation’s social and political development.

The population of Maharashtra as per the Districts – Source Wikipedia

Rank Name District Population
1 Greater Mumbai UA Mumbai 2,48,14,288
2 Pune UA Pune 78,49,968
3 Nagpur UA Nagpur 35,30,000
6 Aurangabad UA Aurangabad 9,89,376
5 Thane City Thane 19,86,941
4 Nashik City Nashik 19,92,769
7 Solapur City Solapur 12,51,119
8 Jalgaon City Jalgaon 9,98,714
9 Amravati City Amravati 8,46,801
10 Nanded City Nanded 7,50,564
11 Kolhapur City Kolhapur 6,49,283
12 Akola City Akola 5,37,149
13 Ulhasnagar UA Thane 5,06,973
14 Sangli City Sangli 5,02,697
15 Malegaon City Nashik 4,71,006
16 Latur UA Latur 3,82,754
17 Dhule City Dhule 3,76,093
18 Ahmednagar City Ahmednagar 3,79,867
19 Ichalkaranji UA Kolhapur 4,69,000
20 Miraj UA Sangli 3,25,709
21 Chandrapur City Chandrapur 3,21,036
22 Parbhani City Parbhani 3,07,191
23 Jalna City Jalna 2,85,349
24 Bhusawal UA Jalgaon 2,04,016
25 Navi Mumbai Panvel Raigad CT Panvel 5,04,999
26 Panvel City Panvel 3,80,464
27 Satara UA Satara 3,09,170
28 Beed City Beed 2,06,237
29 Yavatmal UA Yavatmal 2,88,464
30 Kamptee UA Nagpur 1,46,124
31 Gondia City Gondia 1,70,889
32 Barshi City Solapur 1,18,573
33 Achalpur City Amravati 1,28,293
34 Osmanabad City Osmanabad 1,12,085
35 Nandurbar City Nandurbar 1,11,067
36 Wardha City Wardha 2,15,543
37 Udgir City Latur 1,04,063
38 Hinganghat City Wardha 2,25,312

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