Best 45 Tapori Language Slangs

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Mumbai is famous for its slags or “Bambaiya language” You would see these still being used in real life and movies. The young generation uses this Tapori Language slang a lot. The Mumbaiya language is characterized by its fast-paced, slang-filled, and humorous style, and is commonly used in Bollywood movies and other forms of entertainment originating from Mumbai.

It is used to bring some spice to the discussion.

What does Tapori mean?

Tapori means vagabond or rowdy in Hindi. The most famous taporis were street thugs from Mumbai. Tapori language was their unique way of speaking Hindi. Tapori style was their unique way of dressing.

Mumbai Slang “Tapori” Language

Mumbaiya slang words and their meanings:

Slang Word/PhraseMeaning
Bambaiya languageA blend of Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and English spoken in Mumbai
Cut to cut baat karne kaTo speak concisely or briefly
Chava or ChaviBoyfriend/girlfriend
Double batteryA person wearing prescription glasses
Haila or Aaila“Oh God”
Time khoti mat karDo not waste time
KaltiGet lost or goes away
CuttingHalf a glass of tea
BossForm of address to a friend, unrelated person, or stranger
Kharcha-paaniTo beat up somebody
FultooToo good or very cool
Dedh-foot or Dedh-futyaRefer to a short person
MamuDepending on the context
Waat or VaatTo be in trouble
Paan-patti or TapriA small shop selling tobacco, cigarettes, toffees, and optionally, tea
ShendiTo make a fool of others
Galat FaimiMisunderstanding
KhopcheA secret place
Jhakaas ItemA beautiful lady
Jyaada RAAG mat deDon’t just bluff..OK!
LOAD nahi lene ka kyaDon’t take much tension
Hata Saawan Ki GhataI don’t care about it much
Raapchik MaalA charming lady
ChiknaStands for any good-looking fellow
Haila !“Oh God!”
KeedaAn absolute pest
JhakaasSuperb. Excellent
Mandvali / MandavliCompromise
HajaamA barber
AtrangiSomething extraordinary
ChappanTikkli / Punter / Tapori / ShanaRoadside loafer
Charsi / Fookda / SoootyaA smoker
Raanti / SaandA boisterous or an exceeding brash guy
Bevada / Gutter / Taankee / BatliA drunkard
TapriA roadside shop
ChotayFor any kid working in a Tapri
LukkhaWorkless wanderer
Ek Dum Jhakaas BidhuYou are doing great
Bidhu or BiduMy friend
Chhappan tikliOne with lots of pimples on his/her face
CamdiRefers to a person who runs around girls

What is Tapori language?

Tapori translates into slang or informal words/language Hindi. These are typically used by Street thugs in Mumbai and this style of speaking Hindi is called tapori language. You will also see some of this language being used in Hindi films and Cinema.

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