Tapori Language Slangs

Tapori Language Slangs

Mumbai is famous of its slags or “Bambaiya language” You would see these still being used in real life and in movies. Young generation use these Tapori Language Slangs a lot.

Cut to cut baat karne ka– to speak concisely or briefly
Chava or Chavi – Boyfriend/girlfriend.
Double battery – A person wearing prescription glasses.
Haila or Aaila – “Oh God”.
Time khoti mat kar– Do not waste time
Kalti– Get lost or goes away.
Kaiko – Why?
Cutting – Half a glass of tea.
Boss – Form of address to a friend, unrelated person or stranger.
Kharcha-paani – to beating up somebody.
Fultoo – Too good or very cool,
Talli – Drunk.
Dedh-foot or Dedh-futya – Refer to a short person.
Mamu – Depending on context
Waat or Vaat – to be in trouble.
Paan-patti or Tapri – A small shop selling tobacco, cigarettes, toffees and optionally, tea.
Shendi– make a fool of others.
Galat Faimili– misunderstanding
Khopche– a secret place
Jhakaas Item-a beautiful lady
Jyaada RAAG mat de..- Don’t just bluff..OK!
LOAD nahi leneka kya-Don’t take much tension.
Hata Saawan Ki Ghata-I don’t care about it much..

Raapchik Maal– a charming lady.
Chikna – Stands for any good looking fellow.  Chikni is the female version of the same word.
Haila ! –  “Oh God!”
Keeda – An absolute pest.
Jhakaas – Superb. Excellent.
Mandvali / Mandavli – Compromise.
Hajaam – Hajaam in its true sense would mean a barber.
Atrangi –  mean something extraordinary.
ChappanTikkli / Punter / Tapori / Shana – Roadside loafer.
Charsi / Fookda / Soootya – A smoker. Charas is exactly marijuana. Charasi would mean any guy who smokes though.
Raanti / Saand – A boisterous or an exceeding brash guy.
Bevada / Gutter / Taankee / Batli – A Drunkard
Rappak  – means Slap.
Tapri – A road side shop.
Chotay – For any kid working in a Tapri.

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