Amazing Night life Mumbai

Night life Mumbai

Is there anything that Mumbai doesn’t have to offer? The answer is NO.  Mumbai has been rubbing shoulders with the biggest cities of the world in terms of business, economy, fashion and not to be left behind is the thriving night life of Mumbai and Mumbaikars of course.

From high profile lounges to budget friendly clubs, Mumbai has the best to offer.  Mumbaikars have an ocean of options to explore.  Some of the top night clubs are;


  1. Blue FrogNight life Mumbai
  2. Olive Bar & Kitchen
  3. Dome
  4. Poison
  5. Café Mondegar
  6. Leopald Café

And ofcourse the list is endless.

Its not just about the booze and hookah anymore. Partying in high elite lounges surely guarantee that you will be rubbing shoulders with some of the page3 celebs.

However certain things are to be ensured before you head out for a wild night out. As of now all the clubs have a 1.30 AM (1.00 AM for some) deadline.

Many of the pubs and lounges require the party-goers to be dressed in their best.  No short pant for men and no chappals entertained.

At certain places, stag entry is not allowed (stag – only men).  Entry fee is charged at some pubs for couples and girls only entry is free at most places.

Well surely Mumbai is giving Bangkok a run for its money! This is the reason Mumbai is also known as the city that never sleeps.

Road safety should be considered when you decide to go out parting and drinking alcohol. Below are few more safety instructions.

  1. Do not drink and drive. Hire an driver in case you own a vehicle.
  2. Do not accept drinks or eatables from strangers. Do not leave your drink or food unattended.
  3. Avoid getting in argument with anyone.
  4. Avoid going with anyone you just met and stay in public, do not wonder in isolated areas.

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