7 Amazing Things To Do and See at Powai Lake

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Powai Lake

Exploring the Powai Lake in Mumbai: 10 Amazing Things To Do and See at Powai Lake.

You’re now in Mumbai’s most attractive destination. But what is Powai Lake? It is a bird sanctuary, a fishing, a recreation spot, and sometimes an artificial lake. It was one of the most polluted lakes in Mumbai for many years but regained its natural beauty with consistent rejuvenation efforts.

Powai Lake has always been an attraction for locals and tourists alike. With that said, take this tour of A-must-see places around this important tourist destination for locals and visitors alike:

1. Bird life at Powai Lake

Watch the birdlife from a distance or on a boat. Powai Lake has all kinds of birds, including cormorants, flamingoes, and ducks. Early mornings and evenings are the best time to watch them as they come out in large numbers. However, you don’t have to watch birds at Powai Lake altogether. You can get on a boat and enjoy amazing views of the lake.

2. Watch The Beautiful Sunset seated at the lakefront

You can enjoy a beautiful sunset at the lakefront. Hills surround the lake, and you get the best view of all three sides of this pristine lakeshore. I recommend you go to Powai Lake during sunset; it’s incredible and picturesque, even on cloudy days. Go in the evening when the temperature cools, and watch as the sun sets behind some hill.

3. Refresh at Galleria Shopping Centre

After exploring Powai Lake, head to the Galleria center nearby when you are tired. It is the largest center around the lake, a great place to rest and relax after walking around the Powai Lake area. Here, you can shop while enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants or food courts. Moreover, there are movie theatres, bowling centers, and an ice rink.

Powai Lake

4. Nightlife

You can enjoy the great nightlife in the Powai Lake vicinity. Go to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road for high-quality entertainment and head to beautiful results just a mile away. Powai is one of the oldest and largest entertainment centers in India.

You will find bars, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, nightclubs in the area, and an ice skating rink. For more fun, you will find a variety of pubs, club bars, and disco parties. The most famous clubs include Lord of the Drinks Powai, Fuel The Lounge, Cavalry The Lounge, Hoppipola, Mumbai, Powai, etc.

5. Take a walk around Powai Lake

This beautiful lake offers a great place for walking and jogging. There are some jogging tracks throughout the day that you can enjoy. You can always get to the lake and stroll around if you want to walk. Additionally, it is safe to jog and walk around day or night. You will find swimming pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds for your kids!

6. Enjoy a picnic near the lake

This lake is a great place to picnic with your family or friends. To take a break from city life, you can take your food to enjoy or go to one of the many restaurants nearby and enjoy some delicious local dishes. If you are traveling to Powai Lake with kids, there are some play parks and amusement parks that you can visit.

7. Take a boat ride at the lake

You can take a boat ride at the lake to see the water birds and beautiful sunset or sunrise views. Enjoying boating is an exciting activity at Powai Lake. There are private boats and cruise boats available for rent at this lakefront. You can enter any of these boats and enjoy your time on the water while watching the beautiful sunset or experiencing the panoramic view of Powai Lake’s hilly areas and all sides.

How to Reach Powai Lake By Rail, Road, And Air

Getting around in Mumbai is easy. You have several options to travel to Powai, Mumbai. You can either go by bus, train or air.


Getting to Powai via rail is easy and convenient:

Kanjur Marg Railway Station is located 3 kilometers away from Powai. You take a bus or car from the station through Adi Shankaracharya Marg/Jogeshwari – Vikhroli Link Rd.

The next closest rail station is Andheri Railway which is 6 kilometers away, just 20 minutes drive through Krantiveer Lakhuji Salve Marg or MIDC Central Rd and Jogeshwari – Vikhroli Link Rd, an 8.2 km drive.


The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM), 6kilomiters away. After you touch down, you get to Powai through Saki Vihar Rd, and it will take you 20 minutes to use a car.

Also, you can go by car or cab from your hotel or any nearby railway station. I recommend you take the local train to explore Powai Lake and its vicinity.

FAQ about Powai Lake

Is Powai Lake Natural?

No, Powai is an artificial lake constructed across mithi river and between two hillocks.

Is Powai Lake Safe For Swimming?

No, swimming is not allowed in Powai lake. There have been instances of drowning, so do not attempt swimming in Powai lake.

Is Powai Lake Open To Tourists?

Powai Lake is open 24 hours as it is adjacent to the main road. However, I would not advise saying after 8 pm.

Why Can’t I Drink Water From Powai Lake?

The Maharashtra authorities forbid residents and travelers from drinking the lake water as it is contaminated by untreated runoff water and garbage from nearby residents.

Can I Visit Powai On Vacation With My Family, Including The Kids?

Powai Lake is a great place to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Powai Lake is a must-visit place if traveling to Mumbai with kids. This is one of the best places in Mumbai to spend time with your family.


Powai Lake is the most scenic lake in Mumbai. You can spend a day or two here if you have time and enjoy seeing the best of Mumbai.

Situated at Powai, Mumbai, this lake is a significant tourist attraction contributing to the city’s beauty. Powai Lake is a large bird sanctuary, which the Powai Lake Boat Club can tour. Hills surround the lake, and you get the best view of all three sides of this pristine lake.

You can enjoy a beautiful sunset here, too. Hills surround the lake, and you get the best view of all three sides of this pristine lake—a scenic place to take a walk or jog around at Powai Lake, Mumbai.

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