Mumbai Local Train – How to book ticket

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Universal Railway Pass

1. Ticket Booking Office

Tickets can be purchased with cash or cashless using the digital payment method at the ticket counters located at every suburban station. Once you have purchased the ticket, travel should begin within one hour. Tickets can also be purchased with cash a the ticketing windows.

2. ATVM – Booking Kiosk

The ATVMs are accessible at all suburban railway stations. Customers can purchase First Class and Second Class single tickets, renewal and return season tickets, and Platform tickets for adults and children.

Smart Card can be used to purchase tickets from ATVM. Smart Card can be bought from booking offices located at all suburban stations and recharged according to the requirements. Commuters receive 3% more value with every recharge.

  • Smart Card Cost : Rs.70/- (Rs.50/- refundable deposit & Rs.20/- recharge value)
  • Benefit: 3 Extra value of 3% with every recharge.
  • Tickets of different types are issued: I Class & II Class Single, Return Platform Tickets, Season Tickets for Children and Adults.
  • Minimum Recharge: Rs.20/-
  • Maximum Recharge: Rs.9500/-
  • Smart Card Cancellation Charges: Rs.30/-
  • The validity of HTML0 is :1 year following the date of the last recharge.

3. Mobile Ticketing

Download the mobile app “UTS” on your smartphone and sign-up. An E-Wallet that has no amount will then be established. The Unreserved railway season tickets, journey tickets, and Platform tickets are available through the login using your phone number and password. You don’t require to print the ticket.

The ticket will be delivered to your mobile. The E-Wallet can be recharged using a minimum amount of Rs. 100/- at any booking window or through Commuters get 5% off for every recharge.

How do I download the App with a Quick Response QR code? 

The UTS App is quickly downloaded by scanning the below (QR) Code on Android or Windows Phone.

QR code for Railway booking app


Under the JTBS scheme, JTBS has been provided counters at the stations where the customers can buy unreserved tickets for a fee of the amount of Rs. 2.50 additional per passenger and Rs.5 per season ticket. Counters are operationally located in Mumbai’s Mumbai suburban area.

Tickets are available for one journey (one direction) or a return trip. Return tickets are valid until midnight on the following day on the weekdays and Mondays in the event of purchasing on a Friday for a return journey.


Tourist Tickets to travel for free within the Mumbai Suburban section of Western Railway and Central Railway are accessible from all suburban railway stations.

Below is the cost in India Rupees.

1 Day TravelI ClassII Class
2 Day TravelI ClassII Class
5 Days TravelI ClassII Class

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