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About Kalyan

As one of the largest cities in Mumbai, Kalyan is located in Maharashtra’s thane District. Most importantly, this city is strategically positioned in Mumbai’s Metropolitan region. After the end of the British colony, Kalyan developed rapidly and became a major entertainment center for the children’s business district.

Other centers in Kayalan include; amusement parks, game zones, etc. Generally, Kalyan is an exciting city with many places to explore, including history and culture. So if you’re looking forward to visiting this place, this article will give you a head’s on what to expect.

More about Kalyan

With a land area of 52.95sq miles, Kalyan’s household stands at 377,1461 as per Primary Census Abstract, 2011. Out of the entire population, about 8,20,492 males and 7,44,925 females.

No. of householdsPersonsMalesFemales
Data from Official Census Report

On the other hand, Kalyan is one of India’s cities with exciting history. Before the administration settled for Kalyan as the city’s ideal name, this city had different spellings for the same name, i.e., kalian, callian, and calianee. Interestingly, it’s one of India’s cities that frequently faced siege from foreign powers such as the British, Mughals, and Portuguese.

The city also has ancient ruins that reflect its ancient magnificence. The Maratha fort is one example hailed in the city as one of its old lines of defense. Generally, Kalyan suffered several siege attempts from the time of its inception.

It was during the Maratha times that this city was named Kalyan. But during the Ahmednagar Sultanate, the city’s name was Gulshanabad. One interesting fact is that Kalyan is the birthplace of India’s first doctor, Anandi Gopal Joshi.

Kalyan Staion
 The traffic of Auto Rickshaws at Kalyan Railway Station

Famous Attractions and places to visit in Kalyan

Kalyan may be a small city compared to other major cities in India, but it has many famous attractions and places whose history will mesmerize you. Some of these places include;

1. Metro Junction Mall

Located in India, Mumbai, Kalyan, is the magnificent metro mall. 2008 is the year this 750,00 sq feet setting was inaugurated. Generally, Metro junction mall is one of the largest malls in the city. Rest assured that you’ll love the experience of checking out this place.

2. Bhimashankar Temple

Notably, this is a Jyotirlinga temple located near Pune. Also, it’s 50km northwest of Khed. From the Ghat region, Shivaji Nagar, within the Sahyadri hills, is 127 km far. The temple is an essential landmark as its River Bima source flows southeast before connecting to the river Krishna near Raichur.

3. Karnala Bird Sanctuary

On the outskirts of Mumbai near Matheran and Karjat, in Raigad District within Panvel Taluka, is the Karnala Bird sanctuary. The sanctuary measures 4.68 square feet. Though small, with the Tungareshwar sanctuary and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, it’s among the fewest sanctuaries you’ll ever encounter in Mumbai’s outskirts.

4. Vaitarna Dam

The Vaitarna Dam is a gravity dam whose water flows to the Vaitarna River near Igatpuri in Maharashtra’s Nashik District. The dam’s reservoir spreads onto the Godavari rivers and Vaitarna catchment areas.

The areas mentioned above are some of Kalyan’s few places to visit. Other important tourists destinations in Kalyan are;

  • Kala Talao lake
  • Malang Gad
  • Malgund Beach
  • Jivdani temple
  • Karnala fort
  • Durgadi fort

Religious places in Kalyan

We all understand the importance of religion in such a society. Kalyan being at the heart of one of the most religious nations on earth, isn’t left behind. Some of the spiritual centers in Kalyan include;

  • Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple
  • Babulnath Shiva Temple
  • Kopineshwar Mandir patron Temple
  • Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple
  • Vajreshwari Temple

Five famous Hospitals in Kalyan

India is among the most popular nations, with the utmost health care system and many professional doctors. Some of the most famous hospitals in Kalyan are;

  • Sanjeevani Eye Hospital
  • Ayush hospital
  • Venus Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Khadakpada Multispeciality Hospital

Five famous Schools in Kalyan

The increasing literacy level in Kalyan is mainly due to the schools present there. Some of the most popular schools in the city are;

  • Central way secondary school
  • Cambridge International School
  • Saint Xavier International School
  • Narayane E-Techno school
  • Sacred Hearts school

How is it to stay in Kalyan versus Mumbai?

If you’re wondering what it’s like to stay in Mumbai or Kalyan, the outline below will give you an insight into what to expect based on those who’ve had a taste of staying on both sides.

Living in Kalyan

So, what’s it like to live in Kalyan? Several places in this city provide essentially all services you can think of. Moreover, markets are selling all kinds of groceries. On the other hand, social amenities such as schools and hospitals are plenty and in good condition.

As for hygiene, Kalyan is a clean city, and though it’s not part of Mumbai, it has all the amenities you can expect in a flourishing city. According to some residents, Kalyan is a land of opportunity where many have accomplished their dreams. Generally, the lifestyle here is manageable financial-wise. So if you’d like to experiment, feel free to move to Kalyan to see for yourself.

Living in Mumbai

The liveliness and charm of Mumbai are why many consider the city a one in a million. Surprisingly, regardless of your background and financial status, among other factors, the City will receive you with open arms. Like Kalyan, this is also a land of opportunities.

Most importantly, it’s one of the cities in India. Plus, most businesses run in this part of India day and night. That essentially means you can buy anything at any time of the day or night. Financially, Mumbai is also one of the most sustainable cities. Moreover, if you want to explore the city in your spare time, many destinations are open and available for visiting throughout the week.

What is the Pincode of Kalyan?

The Pincode of Kalyan is 421301

Final takeaway

From the above outlined, it’s pretty apparent that Kalyan is one of Maharashtra’s most beautiful, developed, and busiest cities. So, if you ever want to vacation or move to a new environment in India, remember to include Kalyan in your list of considerations.

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