9211 app for Kaali Peeli Taxi

The Kaali Peeli Taxi (Yellow Black taxi) is up to give competition to private taxi operators like Ola and Uber. They will be launching an app which can be installed on smart phone for booking cab service, that too at government regulated rate which will be cheaper than private cab providers. This would mean that the passenger would need to pay Rs.22 for the first 1.5 Km. Private cabs charge around Rs. 100 for the first 4 Km.

Both the Taxi unions have joined hands to make this a reality. There are 35000 Yellow Black taxi in Mumbai.  Private operators have been able to make a foot print in Mumbai due to the automation in booking cab service, which makes it easy to book cab. Now this App will allow the traditional Yellow Black taxi driver to become hi-tech. Taxi drivers will be able to directly register from their phone using the 9211 app.

The 9211 app service is expected to launch by the end of Jan 2016 and expected to have some impressive safety features. It will have GPS tracking and also SOS button. The taxi unions may also be setting up a control room to monitor the active rides. The 9211 app is expected to have option to make payment in cash and online as well.

Many cab drivers are excited for the launch as it will help them compete with private cab operators. It is an ambitious plan of taxi union, but it need to be seen how many Yellow Black (kaali Peeli) taxi register for this service and if the app can handle the pressure.  The drivers will also need to change their attitude towards passengers by not rejecting ride and become more professional and courteous. Only time will tell.

What do you think? Will the 9211 Kali Peeli taxi app give a tough competition to private operators like Ola, Uber etc or will fade away.

The app is named after a famous Bollywood movie which will released in 2006 directed by Milan Luthria and Produced by Ramesh Sippy. Actor Nana Patekar and John Abraham played a leading role in this movie.

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