• Places to Visit

    Taraporewala Aquarium

    Taraporewala Aquarium is one of India’s most oldest aquarium. Its one of the main tourist attraction of Mumbai. You will find marine as well as fresh water fishes at display for visitors. The aquarium was [...]
  • Places to Visit

    Mahakali Caves

    The suburbs of Mumbai hide several groups of unique monument – ancient rock cut temples. One such monument is the ancient Kondivite Caves, later known as Mahakali caves. Mahakali caves are 19 rock cut caves, [...]
  • Places to Visit

    Mumbadevi Temple

    We can never imagine Mumbai without Koli’s (fishermen/women).  ‘Koli’ fishermen are the early inhabitants of Mumbai and their deity is Goddess Mumbadevi or Goddess Shakti. Mumbadevi Temple is thus an ancient beautifully sculptured temple dedicated to [...]
  • Famous Shopping Malls Mumbai
    Places to Visit

    Famous Shopping Malls Mumbai

    Thinking about what to do on the weekend? Well, why is the question even bothering you – head to the nearest mall to experience the new culture and of-course shop, eat or simply laze around [...]
  • Places to Visit

    Popular Picnic spots Mumbai

    Short on time, but high on the need for adventure and travel. Mentioned below are the most popular picnic spots Mumbai.  These places guarantee a reliving getaway from your routine, while being budget friendly. Elephanta [...]

Facts of Mumbai

  • 70th Independence Day of India

    Independence Day, one of the three national holidays (other two are 26th January Republic Day and 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday) marks the freedom of India from the British Empire and is celebrated nationwide on [...]
  • Top 10 schools in Mumbai

    Gone are the days when parents had to choose the nearest possible school for their kids. Nowadays parents scrutinize schools in every possible way to ensure that their kid get the maximum out of their [...]
  • Local transport Mumbai

    Travelling in Mumbai can be a back breaking experience. there are various modes of transportation available, although the crowd and traffic jam can easily annoy anyone. You will have various options for local transport in [...]
Mumbai Restraurant
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Top 7 Most Expensive Restaurants in Mumbai

by Santana in Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the most exotic restaurants in the world. Food that you eat in these restaurants is the best and exquisite. These restaurants are not just expensive but they also serve you great [...]