Mahakali Caves

The suburbs of Mumbai hide several groups of unique monument – ancient rock cut temples. One such monument is the ancient Kondivite Caves, later known as Mahakali caves. Mahakali caves are 19 rock cut caves, built between 1st century BC [Read More…]

Gudi Padwa Marathi New year

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of Marathi New Year and is usually celebrated on the first day of the Indian month of Chaita,  based on the lunar calendar.  Like most Indian festivals, which have a history related to them, Gudi [Read More…]

Double Decker Trains India

Mumbai has various outstation trains. However the Double Decker Trains India attract more attention. Here is a list of trains available in India which have Double Decker facility. Enjoy the ride. Train Number Days of Service From To Dep Time Arrival [Read More…]

Holi festival of Colours

Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulibandhan – whatever you call it. This festival invokes a grand sense of excitement among children and adult alike. Its one of the popular festival in India and Nepal, the 2 major Hindu oriented countries. Holi is celebrated [Read More…]

Mumbadevi Temple

We can never imagine Mumbai without Koli’s (fishermen/women).  ‘Koli’ fishermen are the early inhabitants of Mumbai and their deity is Goddess Mumbadevi or Goddess Shakti. Mumbadevi Temple is thus an ancient beautifully sculptured temple dedicated to Goddess Mumbadevi. It was first [Read More…]

Local transport Mumbai

Travelling in Mumbai can be a back breaking experience. there are various modes of transportation available, although the crowd and traffic jam can easily annoy anyone. You will have various options for local transport in Mumbai. Modes of transport in [Read More…]

Famous Shopping Malls Mumbai

Thinking about what to do on the weekend? Well, why is the question even bothering you – head to the nearest mall to experience the new culture and of-course shop, eat or simply laze around in the air conditioned environment. [Read More…]

Popular Picnic spots Mumbai

Short on time, but high on the need for adventure and travel. Mentioned below are the most popular picnic spots Mumbai.  These places guarantee a reliving getaway from your routine, while being budget friendly. Elephanta Caves All it takes is [Read More…]

Amazing Night life Mumbai

Is there anything that Mumbai doesn’t have to offer? The answer is NO.  Mumbai has been rubbing shoulders with the biggest cities of the world in terms of business, economy, fashion and not to be left behind is the thriving [Read More…]

10 most popular Street Food Mumbai

The history of food in Mumbai is equivalent to the growth of the city itself. Mumbai emerged from a fishing village to a Megalopolis, Metro as its popularly known.  Street food in Mumbai and the variety it offers have evolved [Read More…]

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