Mumbai AC local train

Mumbaikars have got their new year gift with the starting of Mumbai AC local train. Plan is for the AC local to operate on the Churchgate-Borivili route. The train will make 6 rounds daily starting from January 1. It will run between Churchgate and Virar. The AC local train will not operate on Saturdays and Sundays for maintenance. This services of the AC train will replace the existing 12 non-AC services.

Fair charges for the AC local is below.

From TO Single Ticket Fare Weekly Season Ticket Fortnightly Monthly
CCGT MMCT 60 285 430 570
CCGT DDR 85 445 630 820
CCGT BA 85 445 630 820
CCGT ADH 125 655 945 1240
CCGT BVI 165 855 1245 1640
CCGT BYR 175 905 1325 1745
CCGT BSR 195 1035 1505 1975
CCGT VR 205 1070 1555 2040

Here is the schedule for the trains. However refer to the train timings displayed on platform.

From To Departure Fast / Slow
Mahalaxmi Borivali 6:58 Slow
Chruchgate Virar 8:54 Fast
Chruchgate Virar 11:50 Fast
Chruchgate Virar 14:55 Fast
Chruchgate Borivali 17:49 Fast
Chruchgate Virar 19:49 Fast
Borivali Chruchgate 7:54 Fast
Virar Chruchgate 10:22 Fast
Virar Chruchgate 13:18 Fast
Virar Chruchgate 16:22 Fast
Borivali Chruchgate 18:55 Fast
Virar Chruchgate 21:24 Fast

4 thoughts on “Mumbai AC local train”

  1. Please add AC trains from virar Churchgate for office commuters from 8 AM from Mira road and evening 6.30. from Bandra. Presently the timings are not. suitable for office commuters. If introduced AC train will have full capacity

  2. Yes i agree with the above comment, kindly add AC trains from Virar to Churchgate between 08:00am to 08:15 am from Mira Road, I am sure there will be many commuters who will travel, as it is very difficult to board a train from Mira Road for office goers during the peak hours.

  3. I agree to the above comment, kindly introduce AC trains from Virar to Churchgate for office commuters between 08:00am to 08:15am from Mira Road, as it is very difficult to travel during this time to office due to the trains being packed. I am sure the AC trains will run in full capacity.

  4. No slow ac train for Malad to Bandra?. I think you need to have a slow train from Borivali to Churchgate every one hour or alternatively fast train that is Borivali to Andheri slow and then it becomes fast for Churchgate.


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